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   Chapter 552 Any Clue

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Sophia heard Sally's name in a daze, so it must be that woman's name.

Sophia wanted to call out Teresa's name, and she didn't know how Teresa was now.

But no matter what Sophia said, she could only make a lower voice.

It hurt...

Tortured by the wounds on her face, Teresa struggled to open her eyes, only to find that she could see nothing.

In fact, she couldn't see anything all the time, but because of the pain on her face, Teresa was numb and forgot what she had been like before. The darkness made Teresa feel insecure.

Suddenly, Teresa felt a slight breath, which made Teresa feel scared.

She seemed to have lost all her courage before when she in front of Sally.

Teresa felt that a person was getting closer and closer to her.

The smell of tobacco.

Man... A man?

Teresa didn't dare to move or speak loudly.

Feeling that the man's hand seemed to be on her face, Teresa instinctively leaned back.

"Don't move. "

His voice confused Teresa. When Sophia heard a man's voice, she immediately cheered up.

What would happen if a man kidnapped her and Teresa here? The consequences might be unimaginable. Thinking of this, Sophia was a little scared.

Teresa seemed to be frightened by the man's voice and stopped moving.

"It hurts a little. You have to endure it. If the cut is not properly treated, it may be inflamed, and there will be scars in the future."

"Who are you?"

Teresa said to the man in front of her who was bandaging her wound.

The man didn't answer Teresa's question.

After Sally escaped madly, Charles came back just in time after he had been investigating the surrounding terrain outside.

Charles grabbed the crazy Sally and asked her what had happened. How could the crazy Sally, who had been attacked by Teresa's language, answer his question? No matter how hard Charles asked, Sally kept resisting.

Charles came to his senses and rushed into the room.

The blood on Teresa's face kept flowing down, and the red dagger with silver in it became more and more obvious under the sun.

Charles panicked at the sight of this. He quickly drove out of the street and bought the medicine and gauze.

Without thinking too much, when Charles saw the scene in front of him, the first reaction in his mind was to stop Teresa's wounds from bleeding.

Sally did such a reckless thing to Teresa just for hatred and jealousy without thinking the consequences, but Charles knew clearly that if someone was killed because of the blackmail, Charles couldn't bear the consequences.

As the only daughter of An family and the wife of Zed of Xiao family, if Teresa died in their hands, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Near noon, Victor had been in a daze for the whole morning in his room.

Victor, who had drunk the third cup of coffee, was still in low spirits.

Because everywhere he looked, it was all Sophia.

However, Victor didn't even know whether Sophia was safe or not. It was only one night later than the appointed time with Charles and Sally. How should he spend the two days?

Luis had been playing on the bed for a long time. Victor picked up Luis and went downstairs.

Luis was put on the sponge cushion in the living room. In t

mmonly used medicine at home, gauze and tape.

Waiting for the people in the shop to say these useless words, Victor lowered his voice, put his hand on the table, and said, "I'm asking you, around ten o'clock this morning, did anyone come to the pharmacy to buy anything?"

Victor's imposing manner startled the shop assistants. An elder man said, "About ten o'clock this morning... It was Zoe Zhang who was in the pharmacy. I'll call her out. Mr. Victor, don't worry! "

"What are you waiting for? Go and get Mr. Victor a cup of tea!"

After a while, Zoe Zhang that the older shop assistant mentioned came out from the back door.

It was a young girl, probably a junior high school student.

"Hurry up. Tell Mr. Victor, did anyone buy medicine or something at around ten o'clock on your duty today?"

The little girl didn't dare to look up at Victor and said, "There is a man, dressed in black, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a mask, who tightly wrapped himself. "

"Then, what did he buy? "

"He bought some ointment and gauze. "

"What ointment? "

The little girl raised her head and looked at Victor. When the two looked at each other, Victor felt a shiver in his heart.

"Brother, is it convenient for you... Can you come out for a while? Let's have a talk. "

Victor nodded and went out with the little girl under the watchful eyes of the public.

"Is there anything that can only be heard by the two of us?"

Victor glanced at the little girl. Although he didn't know what she wanted to do, Victor did as she said.

Victor pointed at his car and said, "Over there."

The little girl followed Victor into the car.

"What's wrong?"

"That man took the ointment to heal the wound quickly."

The little girl stared at Victor with her clear eyes.

"Accelerate the healing of the wound..."

Victor couldn't help but speak it out.

"What else do you know?"

The little girl blinked and asked, "Are you here for looking someone in the east of the city?"

Victor also looked straight at the little girl.

He said firmly, "Yes."



Victor believed that the little girl must know something.

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