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   Chapter 550 What Should I Do

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"Humph! Let's wait until we meet two days later! "

"Sally, you..."

Before Zed finished his words, Sally hung up the phone.

Zed was furious.

"What should we do?"

"What about Teresa?"

Hearing what Sally said, Zed was a little anxious.

Victor rubbed his temples and looked at the incoherent Zed, thinking about what Sally and Charles had just said.

Why didn't they talk about Sophia at all? Wasn't Sophia with Teresa?

Victor shook his head. Thinking of Sophia's figure in the surveillance video, he stopped guessing.

Perhaps it was because the goal of Charles and Sally was not Sophia at all.

Looking at Zed, Victor stood up, poured him a cup of tea and patted him on the shoulder.

It was the first time that Victor had seen Zed in such a panic. Looking at Zed who was crying quietly, Victor said, "Listen to me."

Victor sighed, "We can't panic now. You should know that Charles and Sally won't do anything out of line to Teresa and Sophia. They just want to get the money from us. And of course they will use the money. "

"Do you think they will get the money if they do something recklessly? They might have been arrested before they can get the money. "

"Sophia and Teresa are as a bait for Sally and Charles."

Victor walked to the window and opened the curtain. The night cold wind blew past.

"Now what we need to do is to find out the location of Sally and Charles by all means. Two days later, the doctors and police will be ready. You take the money and go with Charles and Sally. We will cooperate with you in the dark and make full use of the effective time to save them. "

After hearing Victor's clear analysis of these problems for him, Zed slowly felt that it was meaningless for him to feel so guilty to Teresa, to hate Charles and Sally.

Now, the thing that was placed in front of Zed was to use human resources to find Teresa.

"You can leave the money matter to me first. Go back and have a good rest. We still have a lot of things to do. "

Zed turned to look at Victor and said, "No, I can't leave you about the money matter? It is not a small amount of money I... I will figure it out. "

Victor turned around from the window. The light in the study shone on his face, as if he was the only one in the world who had the halo.

"This money may be a big deal for you, Zed, but for me, it's not a big sum of money. Besides, nothing is more important than Sophia."

Zed looked up at Victor and agreed. As a man of great power in S City, Victor didn't care about the money at all.

Thinking of this, Zed was confused. How could Charles and Sally not know Victor's position in S City? Everyone in S City knew how important Sophia was to Victor, so did Sally and Charles?

"You can go out now. I'll be alone for a while. "

"Inform me of any news in time and share the location."

Victor turned around and looked out of the window at the dark night. He didn't turn around and

tears in your life, Zed won't come to save you or coax you! "

Teresa had known her current situation and who the woman in front of her was, but she couldn't stop crying.

Listening to Teresa's crying on the other side, Sophia felt inexplicably scared.

It was easy to tell that although this woman always wanted to mock Teresa, her tone and words were full of jealousy towards Teresa.

Everyone knew that as long as a woman was jealous of others, she would be terrible. She would lose her mind and do anything.

Teresa tried her best to hold back her tears and calm herself down.

"Look at this cute little face. Do you think Zed loves you so much just because he likes your pretty face? Does he know that you have a venomous heart? "

Teresa's sharp nails scratched Teresa's face, collarbone and shoulder.

When her fingernails touched Teresa's delicate skin, Teresa's body trembled, together with the cold water rushing from her head to feet.

Hearing the increasingly dull cry of Teresa, Sophia was eager to break free from the rope that tied her body and shout.

Hearing the noise, Sally looked at Sophia coldly.

"What are you doing? Do you want to die? You ungrateful woman! "

Sophia was frightened by what Sally said and stopped moving.

However, it also let Teresa know the existence of Sophia. Teresa slowly calmed down. It turned out that she was really kidnapped by Sally. It turned out that she was kidnapped with Sophia.

As far as Teresa knew, Sally and Sophia were not familiar with each other at all, so she must be the one to blame.

Teresa's crying was gradually suppressed.

"No crying?

"Are you tired of crying?"

Although Teresa couldn't see, her intuition told her that Sally was squatting in front of her. Teresa raised her foot and kicked her.

Teresa kicked Sally's knee. Sally sat on the ground because she didn't pay attention to Teresa's feet and cried out in pain, "Ouch... What do you want to do? "

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