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   Chapter 549 Blackmail

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Zed's eyes were also focused on the shadow behind Sophia and Teresa.

The two black shadows rushed forward, nodded to each other, and raised their hands to hit the necks of Sophia and Teresa. Sophia and Teresa were obviously unable to fight back in such a sudden situation. It was obvious that Sophia and Teresa were caught off guard by them.

After the two shadows knocked Sophia and Teresa out, one of the shadows immediately turned around and a car came out from nowhere.

The two of them worked together to carry the unconscious Sophia and Teresa into the car.

"Look, one of the black shadows is sure to be Charles." Victor gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists more tightly. The blue veins on his fists were more obvious.

"But who is the other shadow?"

"If I'm not mistaken, the other black figure is Sally."

Victor glanced at Zed, indicating him to go on.

"The only woman who dares to do such a dangerous thing behind Charles should be Sally."

After listening to Zed's words, Victor also remembered that Sophia had asked him to investigate the matter of Charles secretly before. At that time, in Victor's own guess, he had guessed that only a woman would let Charles do such a thing.

And now, there almost could confirm that the woman behind Charles was Sally.

It made sense. Sally's hatred for Teresa was not something that could be solved simply. The news that Connie, Teresa's mother, kicked Charles out of S City provoked all Charles's anger.

Victor held the mouse and fixed his eyes on the car. Victor analyzed calmly and said, "Now the kidnappers have been confirmed. They are Charles and Sally. "

He tapped the mouse with his slender fingers, and the screen of the surveillance video showed the state of pause.

The scene that the black car was driving out of the garage was stopped by Victor.

"Plate number!" Zed suddenly realized.

Victor just nodded slightly and said firmly, "Report the case to the police right now! "

Zed called the police and put the case on file.

Victor suggested Zed how to tell the police more clearly. Victor also tried his best to look at the various effective details of the black car on the screen.

"Hello? Mr. Victor. "

"Ivan, what's going on now?"

"In progress."

"Arrange another group of people to continue to look for all the registration information of Sally and Charles. Give me a summary of all the information I asked you to investigate last time, and I won't say anything more about the dos and don'ts. Sort it out and send me an electronic file. Besides, we have called the police. If you find anything, remember to share it with the police. "

"Got it."

Zed had already communicated with the police.

"Zed, some of my people have started to look for all the registration information of Sally and Charles. Your friends who are on standby in S city. I also hope that you can ask them to find the registration information of Sally and Charles. In order to pr

ally snorted and said, "I didn't expect you to know me best in the end! What else do you think I can ask you for? Or do you have anything else that I need? "

On the other side, Charles came over and shouted at the phone, "Money! Of course it's money! "

"Okay, I promise you. How much do you want? "

It was the first time that Sally had heard Zed agree to her request for money so readily.

It was so strange.

"Eighty million!"

"Eighty million? Sally, you... "

"What? Is that too little? Or you can't accept it? "

Zed looked up at Victor, asking Victor what he should do.

Victor nodded and gestured to Zed to let him say yes first to calm them down.

"Okay, Sally! I promise you. "

"Sure! If you were all so frank before, wouldn't it be easy for us to do the previous business? Tomorrow, we will meet at the underground dungeon under the cave at the end of the bridge in the east of the city. "

Victor signaled Zed to buy some time. It would be risky to take action tomorrow.

"Not tomorrow. Two days. Give me two days. I'll come to you with money in two days. "

Sally thought for a while and said, "Two days? Let me tell you, Zed, you don't have any time or opportunity to play tricks with me now. Don't forget that I have Teresa in my hand! "

"You... Calm down. Let me explain. I really can't take out eighty million at once. I need time to raise money! How dare I play tricks with you now? "

Sally thought for a while and said, "Okay, two days, two days. I'll let her live for two more days, but you must remember, Zed! If you dare to bring someone else with you, you will all have unimaginable consequences! I don't know what I will do! Anyway, I don't have anything or anything to lose in the world! My child is gone, and I'm single. What else should I fear? "

"I know, I know... Sally, don't be impulsive. I will meet you two days later with eighty million dollars. But if I find anything wrong with Teresa, I won't let you go! "

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