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   Chapter 548 The Phone You Dialed Cannot Be Answered For The Time Being

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As the night fell, Zed stayed at home and played with his daughter for a long time. Seeing that his daughter was tired, he picked her up and walked in the living room, trying to coax her to sleep.

Children who were tired of playing always fell asleep quickly. Zed couldn't help laughing when he saw that his daughter's eyes looked like Teresa's.

Zed sent his daughter who fell asleep to the small bed upstairs and tucked her in gently. Zed didn't spend much time with his daughter alone, but every time he stayed with his daughter alone, Zed doted on the little life he gave birth to with Teresa. When he was with his daughter, Zed understood more about the responsibility a man had to shoulder.

Every time he stayed with his daughter for a little longer, Zed knew more about it.

Zed drew back the curtain and found it was late.

Looking up at his watch, Zed had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

'It's so late. Why hasn't Teresa come back yet?'

Teresa always had a strong sense of time. Zed knew that Teresa liked to invite her friends to the tea shop at the end of the street to have tea every weekend. But every time Teresa came back early, because Teresa would come back to coax her daughter to sleep.

But what happened today? Moreover, today's appointment was with Sophia. Because of Luis that Sophia would not go back home too late. Even if they had an afternoon tea and an appointment to go shopping, then it was time for Teresa and Sophia to go home.

As Zed went downstairs, his heart sank with each step he took.

Taking out his phone, Zed sent a message to Teresa, "Teresa, are you on your way home?"? Do you need me to pick you up?

Zed chose to send the message first because he was afraid that he would disturb the happy time between Teresa and Sophia.

Zed stood by the window, holding his cell phone in his hand. He was afraid that he would miss the message sent by Teresa.

It seemed that it took a long time for Teresa to reply to his message, and every second seemed to be very difficult.

Zed picked up his phone. It had been ten minutes. Why didn't Teresa reply to his message?

Zed looked up at the street in front of his house and wondered why there were so few people today? One of the street lights even was turned off.

Every time Zed felt depressed, he would light a cigarette. He didn't like to smoke, but when he looked at the slowly burning cigarette, he always had an indescribable feeling.

Looking at the cigarette that had been extinguished slowly, he couldn't help but think of what Charles had said to him when he met Charles.

Charles said that Teresa might be kidnapped. At that time, Zed, who was overwhelmed by anger, couldn't tell whether Charles was joking with him or telling him something that was already going on.

Zed couldn't calm down when he saw that Teresa hadn't come back yet. But when he thought of what Charles

phone and called Ivan.

"Hello? Mr. Victor. How can I help you? "

"Stop all your work right now. Take your men with you and search for the whereabouts of Teresa and Sophia in the city as soon as possible."

"Got it!"

The reason why Victor called Ivan was that Ivan had never had any doubts about the work arranged by Victor. Even if he had, it was impossible for Ivan to ask Victor at this inappropriate time. Ivan just knew to do as he was told.

After hanging up the phone, Victor turned his head and told Zed beside him, "Inform some of the people you can use and start to search for Sophia and the whereabouts of Teresa in S City as soon as possible with my people. Leave some friends who are well-known in S City on standby. "

Zed nodded and immediately did as Victor said. Although Zed didn't know why Victor did this, he believed that Victor must have his own ideas and methods.

Victor and Zed fixed their eyes on all the screens.

On the screen, Sophia and Teresa were drinking tea and chatting happily. It could be seen that the two of them were talking happily.

However, Victor and Zed didn't dare to relax at all. They didn't dare to reveal anything about what Sophia and Teresa had done.

Finally, Sophia and Teresa stood up and left the tea shop. The surveillance video showed that the two were heading to the low parking lot of the tea shop.

Victor was confused. Sophia didn't drive the car when she went out.

"Did Teresa drive in the afternoon?"

"Yes. Teresa drove out. " Zed replied Victor's question.

"That's right."

Victor asked Zed to watch the surveillance video of the underground parking lot carefully.

"Turn up the volume!"

The shop assistant did what he was told. "I think there is something fishy here. "

Victor said while watching the surveillance video.

In the video, Sophia and Teresa walked side by side, not noticing the two shadows behind them.


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