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   Chapter 547 Be Kidnapped

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With a sound of "Ding", the elevator door opened. After walking out with Teresa, Sophia began to look for Teresa's car in the underground garage.

Perhaps it was because it was cold, there seemed to be no one in the underground garage. Only the dim white light shone on the top of her head, and Sophia unconsciously wrapped herself in her clothes.

"It seems a little cold." Sophia whispered to Teresa.

Teresa agreed with her and said, "It doesn't matter. We will be fine when we get in the car later." She took Sophia went through the car area by area, but Teresa didn't know that the danger was approaching.

However, Sally and Charles, who had been waiting for a long time, quietly followed behind the two of them. At a corner, they rushed forward respectively and hit their necks hard with their hands. Sophia and Teresa fell to the ground and passed out.

Charles exchanged a look with Sally, and quickly tied up their hands and feet with the prepared rope.

Then, Sophia and Teresa were dragged into the car.

Charles and Sally had a minibus of medium size, which was covered by black glass, so no one would easily notice what was inside.

Charles was driving in the front, and Sally sat on the back seat. She covered the eyes of Sophia and Teresa respectively.

Although Charles and Sally had planned it for a long time, it still needed great courage and psychological quality to implement it. Obviously, Charles didn't have such courage.

He started the minibus and looked back at Sally from time to time with worries.

Sally was also in a highly nervous state, and when she saw the timid look on Charles's face in front of her, she was even angrier. She couldn't help but roar, "What's wrong? Can you drive carefully? "

Hearing Sally's roar, Charles began to tremble with fear and asked, "Well... Well, are we going according to the original plan? "

Hearing the question of Charles, Sally was furious. She replied, "Or where are you going? Are you going to the police station or Xiao family? "

Although she knew from the beginning that Charles was not smart, she didn't expect him to be so stupid. She couldn't help praying in her heart that he wouldn't make trouble for her, and at the same time, she came to the front passenger seat from the back seat with worry.

"Doesn't it matter if you don't look at them?" Charles asked again.

With an expressionless face, Sally said, "They have been knocked out by us, their hands and feet are tied, and their eyes are covered. Even if they have great ability, they may not be able to escape, right?"

Charles nodded and murmured to himself, "That's true..."

Sally was worried that Charles would make mistakes. No matter how angry she was, she restrained herself and comforted him, "Just follow the plan."

Hearing Sally's words, Charles was a little relieved. He thought that he had been involved in the kidnapping and naturally had something to do with it, so he had to con

Sophia's ears were so sensitive that she didn't miss the laughter. Now she was sure that it was two people who kidnapped her.

"Of course I can't." Sophia chose to continue the topic, "But I'm a little hungry now, so I want to ask you if you have had dinner."

Sally walked up to Sophia, looked at Sophia carefully, and said in a somewhat fierce tone, "It has nothing to do with you whether we have dinner or not!"

Sophia was not afraid of her words, but asked in another way, "I want to know that is my friend with me?"

"Don't worry. She is with you." Sally said sarcastically, with a contemptuous smile on her face. The two daughters-in-law of Xiao family were just so so.

Hearing that person's words, Sophia was relieved.

Although Sophia didn't know what were the kidnappers going to do with her and Teresa? At least now it could prove that she and Teresa were still safe for the time being.

Sophia's hands and feet were tied together with the table, and Teresa was on the other side of the table, so the two of them could not touch each other at all.

Sophia wanted to move her body so that she could know where Teresa was, but the rope tied to her body was so tight that she couldn't move at all.

In order to save some energy, Sophia decided to give up the idea.

However, every move was seen by Sally. Sally picked up a fruit knife from the hand of Charles, walked up, and pressed it against Sophia's chin.

Then, Sophia's chin touched a cold blade, which seemed to be very sharp, as if it could easily cut her skin as long as she gently moved forward a millimeter.

Sally was afraid that Sophia wanted to play tricks, so Sally could only make Sophia shut up in this way and threatened, "I advise you to be honest."

Hearing this, Sophia had to give up the idea in her heart and temporarily calmed down.

And Sally didn't continue to make things difficult for Sophia. After seeing that Sophia was obedient, Sally returned to her seat.

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