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   Chapter 546 Have A Nice Talk

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The sun was shining brightly outside. After saying goodbye to Zed and Rena, Teresa put on her sunglasses and drove out.

In the dark, Charles and Sally also began to take action. They had rented a very ordinary car in advance and followed Teresa unhurriedly behind Teresa's car.

In this way, the two of them followed Teresa all the way to the cafe where Teresa often drank afternoon tea

When she arrived at the door of the coffee shop "Accompany You", Teresa saw Sophia waiting for her. Teresa took off her sunglasses and said to Sophia, "You didn't wait too long, did you?"

Sophia waved her hand and replied, "It doesn't matter. I just arrived."

Then the two of them walked into the cafe together.

However, Charles, who was hiding outside the cafe, suddenly stopped. Sally turned around and asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

Subconsciously, Charles wiped the sweat off his forehead and said worriedly, "How about we call off today? I didn't expect that the person Teresa wants to meet is actually Sophia... "

"What's wrong with Sophia?" Sally retorted immediately. She was very dissatisfied with the submissive look on Charles's face.

Fearing that Sally would make too much noise and arouse suspicion from passers-by, Charles pulled her aside and persuaded her in a low voice, "Forget it. It doesn't matter if we kidnap Teresa, but behind Sophia is Victor! We can't afford to offend him... "

At the thought that he wanted to do something bad to Sophia and was forced to quit the entertainment circle at his peak by Victor, Charles was still scared.

Since he had suffered a loss once, he wouldn't do it a second time. Charles had seen how powerful Victor was, so he was still a little scared of Sophia when he saw Sophia.

But this time, Sally had made up her mind to kidnap Teresa. She said indifferently, "What are you afraid of? Here comes Sophia. Let's catch the two together. I'll see what they can do to me!"

One more person meant one more chip, not to mention this Sophia was not a simple person. She was Victor's wife. If she could use Sophia to contain Victor, wouldn't it be easier for her to enter Xiao family?

No matter what, she would be Mrs. Sally Xiao, and no one could stop her.

Thinking of this, Sally became more and more determined.

Seeing the resolute expression on Sally's face, Charles became more afraid and said, "You, you, you... Are you crazy? "

After saying that, he was a little crazy and wanted to turn around and leave. He didn't want to do this kidnapping. If Sally wanted to die, she could die alone. He didn't want to be involved in it.

He wanted to live a long time!

The play hadn't started yet, so Sally wouldn't let go of Charles at this critical moment. She rushed to him first and threatened him with a twisted expression, "Don't regret it now. It's too late. You'd better s

till couldn't help blaming herself when she thought of that matter.

Teresa thought it was her own problem that caused Sophia's emotions to become depressed, so she quickly changed the topic again. Without thinking about that matter, the two began to talk warmly again.

"I didn't expect that our hobbies and interests are similar." Sophia said in surprise.

"In fact, I have paid attention to every new product you designed. I like the set of jewelry you designed with the theme of 'freedom' the last time," Said Teresa in surprise.

"Ha ha, I also like my own design!" Sophia replied.

Suddenly, Sophia's phone rang. She picked it up and found it was a message from Victor, asking if she needed him to pick her up when she came back home later.

Sophia quickly replied, "Don't worry. I'll be back soon by myself."

Seeing that Sophia picked up her phone and Teresa looked at her watch, Teresa found that an afternoon had passed unconsciously. For the first time, she felt that the time she spent with Sophia was so fast. If nothing had happened between them in the past, they would have become good friends long ago.

Sophia asked, "It's getting late. Are you going back?"

If it weren't for the message from Victor, Sophia wouldn't have realized it. She couldn't help but sigh in her heart that time passed too fast.

"A free afternoon is gone." Teresa said reluctantly.

Sophia nodded with a smile. They packed up their things and were about to go out of the cafe together.

Halfway through, Teresa asked, "Did you drive here? If not, let me drive you home. "

Sophia shook her head and replied, "No, I just sent the car to the salon today. I won't get it until a few days later."

Hearing this, Teresa immediately smiled and said, "That's good. I'll drive you home first."

The two walked into the elevator arm in arm, ready to go to the underground garage to get the car.

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