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   Chapter 545 Cheer Up For Daddy

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In the following week, both Charles and Sally didn't take any other actions. Now they had known what kind of life time Teresa was living. They didn't need to waste any more time in this respect. Instead, they had to carefully prepare the plan to be carried out and the tools needed for the plan.

Time passed day by day. Finally, the weekend came.

One day, Charles and Sally had hidden themselves on the roof early to observe what was happening at home of Teresa.

On the other side, Teresa, who had just woken up, stretched herself leisurely. Because she had to get up early every day to feed Rena and change diapers, she hadn't woken up naturally for a long time.

But today, all the tasks of taking care of the child was handed over to Zed. Finally, Teresa had a good sleep.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Teresa came to the living room and saw a hearty breakfast on the table. Zed was playing with Rena.

Zed lay on the carpet and showed Rena the blocks. Rena couldn't wait to build blocks together with her father, but she was too young to get one.

This scene made people feel particularly loving.

"What a good time!" Teresa walked up to the two with a glass of milk on the table and said.

Seeing this, Zed put down the blocks in his hands, picked up Rena from the side and said, "look, Mommy is up."

Rena also squinted her eyes and smiled when she saw Teresa.

Seeing such a loving scene in the early morning, Teresa was naturally in a good mood. She touched Rena's little head and said, "Good morning, little Rena!"

Pointing at the dining table, Zed reminded, "Breakfast is ready."

"Yes, I just had some." Teresa replied. Then she turned to Rena and said, "Mommy will also build blocks with you, okay?"

Rena shook her body. She didn't know how to speak yet. She just grinned and let out a series of "giggle" laughter.

Teresa also grabbed a pile of building blocks and looked at the things Zed had just piled up. She asked, "Did Rena's father build a castle for Rena?"

Zed nodded and said to Rena, "Then our little princess can live inside!"

Zed and Teresa said in a tacit understanding. They played with Rena. They were playing children's songs on TV, and the whole villa was full of children's interest.

Sally, who had been observing from afar for a long time, pushed the telescope in her hand aside angrily. With a crisp sound, the telescope fell to the ground and rolled several circles in a row.

Charles hurried to pick up the telescope and checked it carefully.

After the destruction of Sally just now, the outer shell of the telescope had been cracked a few cracks. Although it did not affect the specific observation, Charles still felt a little distressed. He put the telescope back on the shelf.

The good mood

emed that Rena thought it was very interesting. She was always lively, and she also followed her mother's rhythm.

The only difference was that Teresa shook rhythmically, while Rena swayed on the spot, which looked particularly funny. Zed bit his lips and couldn't help laughing.

"You are not cheering me up. You are just kidding me!" Zed couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Seeing this, Teresa couldn't help laughing and said, "I'm not kidding. I'm just remembering the first time that Rena's father has done housework! Little Rena, am I right? "

Although Rena didn't know what had happened, she was also very excited when she saw the smile on her parents' faces.

Looking at Teresa and Rena, Zed was in a trance. It seemed that he hadn't had such a happy atmosphere in his family for a long time.

It was afternoon when Zed finished his housework.

"Little Rena, your mommy is putting on makeup." Zed walked to Teresa with Rena in his arms. At this time, Teresa was sitting by the dresser and carefully dressed up.

Teresa was also shocked by the sudden "greeting", and her eyeliner was almost drawn askew. She pouted, "Ah, why do you bring little Rena here?"

"Nothing. I just want to see Rena's Mommy make up." Zed pretended as if nothing had happened.

Teresa immediately realized that he was actually fighting back against what she had just done.

The biggest beneficiary of their laughter was naturally Rena. Although Rena really didn't know what her parents were doing, she could feel that it was very interesting, with a smile on her face all the time.

"All right, all right. Just laugh if you like!" Turning her head away, Teresa ignored Zed and continued to paint her face with cosmetics.

Seeing Teresa's reaction, Zed didn't dare to laugh anymore. He whispered in Rena's ear, "Look, your mommy got angry so easily..."

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