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   Chapter 536 Secretly Search For Charles

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"She said that she felt sorry for what she had done in the past. She felt that she began to reflect on many things she had done after she had a daughter. Because of her daughter's existence, she began to think that people should be kind. "

I think she must have put down a lot of unnecessary things in her heart. She began to think that living a good life now is what she really should do."

Victor also agreed and said, "Indeed, it means that she has thought it through. It's right for her to let go of the past and feel sorry for what she had done in the past. It's her duty to live a good life now.

In fact, she doesn't want to do many bad things for a long time. It's just because of her family environment. She had been arrogant since she was a child, thinking that she had to do that. She has been educated by her family since she was a child. She should be the best in all aspects, which would certainly make her feel jealous of some people who are already excellent.

At that time, jealousy really blinded her eyes and her heart. She mistook her position and power for being violated by others. At this time, she has to take some extreme actions to prove that she is the person who should be outstanding in this field.

Fortunately, she turned around in time to see what she had done wrong."

Victor put the food in front of him into Sophia's bowl.

"In fact, she is not a bad person. She even looks like a child."

Feeling that Victor was right, Sophia nodded and said, "Yes. From the days I spent with her, I knew that she was just a simple mother. She was trying her best to give her child a complete and happy family. What happened to Zed really broke Teresa's heart.

By the way, how much do you know about Zed?"

Victor knew that Sophia's question was about the affair between Zed and Sally.

"After leaving the YS Group, Zed established his own company with Charles. During that period of time, Zed felt that he had experienced a lot of things that he shouldn't have experienced. He felt that the world was unfair.

He was a regular customer of a pub, while Sally was a bomb installed beside Zed by Charles.

Sally and the drunk Zed did something that made Zed feel that he had betrayed Teresa. That's why Zed finally suspected that Sally was pregnant because of what he had done.

I think that Charles might have something on Zed, because after all, Zed is a member of Xiao family. He won't be controlled by others every day because of anything. Just like when he was determined to leave the YS Group and set up a company by himself, the life of the company is not long.

After all, it was all because of the tricks played by Charles that Zed fell into such a trap."

Listening to Victor's words, Sophia sighed at the rights of men. How horrible it was.

"Victor, where is Charles now?"

"Why do you want to ask?"

"Because when I was drinking tea with Teresa in the tea shop this afternoon, I saw a person, especially someone like Charles. But I just looked at his side face and back, and I was not sure."


Victor murmured thoughtfully.

"I don't think so.



Looking back at the tired Zed, Teresa hurriedly took the leather bag from Zed's hand and asked him to sit down and have dinner.

Adam looked at the tired Zed and asked him if he had a lot of work to do.

"No, the work in the department has been done a long time ago. I was it was still early outside. I've been watching some business elites talking about their way to wealth and some work experience. I didn't expect that it would be several hours. I raised my hand to look at my watch. It was very late and I hurried home. My eyes suddenly couldn't bear it... "

Hearing Zed's words, Connie couldn't help but put on a long face and said, "People who don't know the truth may think that our family has treated you badly. Is it because An family is not rich enough for you, or because the senior leaders of An family don't have any working experience to teach you? Can you put your position right? "

Hearing what Connie said about Zed, Teresa was very angry and said, "Mother! Zed is so tired. Can you stop satirizing him all the time? "

Zed was touched when he saw that Teresa tried her best to protect him, but then he turned to look at Connie, who didn't look well, and patted Teresa's arm, indicating her not to say anything.

Looking at the somewhat serious atmosphere, Adam smiled and said, "We have seen how well Zed has behaved in the company. Connie, you really shouldn't say that. The child is so tired. We have to let him have a good rest since he came back home."

Seeing that Adam said so, Connie didn't say anything more.

Connie hated Sophia. She didn't expect that her daughter wanted to reconcile with Sophia now. It seemed that the relationship between Teresa and Sophia had changed significantly. She couldn't help but feel a little angry. At this time, Zed's words also provoked Connie and hit the muzzle of the gun.

Zed smiled awkwardly and lowered his head to eat.

After dinner, Teresa went back to her room with her daughter in her arms. She saw Zed leaning against the window and looking out at the night and the full moon outside.

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