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   Chapter 535 Reconcile

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"I have always been jealous of you. You probably know that. But why would I be jealous of a person? Maybe it's because the person has something that others or I don't have, but I try my best to have it. Maybe jealousy is a bad feeling for people, especially women. But I hope I won't have it from now on. I hope my daughter won't have such feelings from now on. "

"I thought a lot when I was pregnant. I thought I shouldn't do that again after I gave birth to the baby. I don't want the baby to have such bad thoughts like me at any stage in the future."

Looking at the tearful Teresa, Sophia comforted her, "Therefore, children have always been the best gift from God to parents. No matter what kind of gift it is, it can't be as precious as a child. "

"Yes. So, even though I don't feel comfortable in my heart, I still choose to believe Zed. Because I want to give my daughter a complete family. I have to make concessions to maintain this family. "

Of course, Sophia knew what Teresa meant. A woman's intuition would never be wrong. No woman would forgive Zed so easily. Moreover, Teresa used to be arrogant and looked down upon everyone.

Sophia comforted her, "It's nothing. Besides, there was nothing between Sally and Zed. That's it. After all, you have a long time to live together. It is no good for everyone if you don't let it go. "

"Yes, I think so. So even if I feel depressed, I still choose to deal with these things in a way that he can accept. I think I have made a concession. At any time, I will think in a good way, think about how good he is to me, and think that he loves me very much. "

"Yes. Women were emotional creatures. Not having a strong sense of security is the common characteristic of all women. When we think of these things, we will be softhearted. Don't think too much when you are with him. You just need to do what you should do. What's more, after going through all these things, Zed will definitely feel very guilty for you. Of course, he won't do anything to hurt you again. "

"I hope so. I hope he won't betray me and our daughter again. "

All of a sudden, Sophia saw the tiramisu cake on the handle of Luis's trolley. She almost forgot to take it out to eat.

Sophia opened the cake, cut it with a knife and handed one piece of cake to Teresa.

"Here you are."

Teresa took it with a smile and said, "Thank you."

After taking a small bite with the fork, Teresa looked at Sophia and said, "I haven't had a real heart to heart talk with anyone since I was born. Every one of them has passed through my life, but maybe it's just passing. Now I look at you sitting in front of me. To be honest, I'm a little absent-minded. Why are you sitting with me and talking with me and laugh with me? "

"Let bygones be bygones. I like to look forward. I think no matter what happened in the past, I just want to have a clear conscience. The most i

uld be a car. Walking on the road covered with golden leaves, listening to the creaking sound on the road, Sophia felt satisfied.

As soon as Sophia returned home and put Luis on the sponge cushion in front of the sofa, she heard Victor close the car's door.

"You're back?"

Sophia called the nanny to take care of Luis and ran to the door to pick up Victor.

She reached out to take down the briefcase and suit jacket in Victor's hand. When she was about to hang them up, he pulled her into his arms.

"Honey, I'm so tired today."

Sophia put her hand on his neck, gently stroked his head and said, "Well, the dinner is almost ready. We'll have it later. Huh? "

"You know I didn't mean that..."

After listening to his words, Sophia blushed. She knocked on his head and said, "You just can't be serious!

Go wash your hands. Let's have dinner."

Sophia broke free from Victor's arms with a smile and went to the kitchen to help Zelda.

Victor went to the sofa judiciously and saw his son sitting obediently on the sponge cushion, playing with his favorite toy.

It was a one month birthday gift from Christopher to Luis. It seemed that Luis was a little boy who was nostalgic.

There were toys everywhere, but Luis seemed to only like the little toy given by Christopher.

Victor picked up Luis and scratched his belly. Luis giggled. Victor's tired body seemed to have strength and was infected by Luis.

"Dinner is ready."

Victor picked up Luis and walked to the place where Sophia was. He touched Sophia's hair and finally understood the meaning of home.

"How was your day with Teresa this afternoon?"

Victor looked at the happy face of Sophia and asked.

"It's good. I feel that I have put down something in my heart with what Teresa said, and I think more. I think it's time to let it go. "

Victor took the initiative to ask, which really made Sophia's spoke all the things in her heart.

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