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   Chapter 532 Back To S City

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The night in LC City was still bright, and the night club was still noisy. Because of the arrival of Charles, Sally took a chance to relax. Anyway, it was almost the time to go back. Sally didn't think it was necessary to work so hard.

In the backstage, Sally was having supper leisurely, while the others were busy in the front. At this time, the door opened. Sally was about to ask her colleagues to eat together, but when she saw the person, Sally immediately had a long face.

It was exactly Bond. He was afraid of his wife to death and he also had an affair with her, and he even betrayed Sally at the critical moment. Sally would give him a hard time, so she ignored him and continued to eat.

"Honey, I miss you so much. Let me hug you." As expected, Bond came for this. Hearing this, Sally felt her stomach was churning. She had no appetite and said, "Mr. Bond, you'd better keep a distance with me. Don't let your precious wife misunderstand you."

"Look, why are you still angry? It's not a big deal! " Bond got the point, but he still sat next to Sally shamelessly. Sally glanced at him and sat aside quietly.

Her cold attitude made him unhappy, but he still held back his anger. He reached out to hug Sally, but was pushed away by her. This made Bond unhappy.

Seeing that Sally was still eating the barbecue with relish, Bond lost his temper and knocked the food over on the ground. He pointed at Sally and said, "You shameless bitch, don't pretend to be innocent? I am spoiling you! Have you forgotten who gave you the job? If you don't accompany me, I'll kick you out. "

"You can kick me out if you want. Do you think I still care about the job? You act like a seventy year old man from your thirty or so during the sex. Shame on you! " Sally was a good scolder. Anyway, she wouldn't stay here anymore.

As a man, it was unbearable to be pointed at in that respect. He raised his hand and slapped Sally. After all, Sally was a woman, and this slap not only made her take a few steps back, but also made her face red and swollen.

Sally was also sobered up. Her eyes became colder and colder, which made Bond swallow saliva. "Bitch, what else do you want to do? Do you want to beat me? "

"Humph!" With a cold snort, Sally's eyes were full of schemes. She picked up her bag and tore the clothes in front of Bond. The original tight skirt became ragged and loose, and the collar was directly torn to the chest.

Bond was wondering what was wrong with this woman when he saw that Sally had run out. Bond knew something was wrong and immediately chased after her.

Sally stumbled on purpose all the way, and met a familiar colleague and she said "Help me, the manager wanted to rape me.' In this way, the scale of the club was not very big, and it immediately blew up.

Everyone stood in front of Sally, and several female colleagues considerately put a coat on her. Bond became angry from embarrassment, but he couldn't touch Sally, so he could only scold, "Don't be cheated by this fox bitch. She is lying."

"I...I didn't. You wanted to have sex with me, but I didn't agree. Then


Victor picked up some of the folders and handed them to his assistant.

The assistant took it over with both hands and bent down slightly to look at Victor.

"I've made a summary of the suspicious parts in these plans and you should hand it to the relevant person in charge. If there is any problem, you can modify it according to my summary. Find my spare time to hold a special department meeting then you can implement it. Those without problems can be implemented as soon as possible. "

"Okay, I understand."

"Hold a middle level meeting at ten o'clock tomorrow morning and inform the leaders to arrive on time. Before the meeting tomorrow morning, ask them to submit a work report to you on time. At the meeting, I need to know if the leaders have implemented their recent plans."


"Thank you. You can go now."

The assistant nodded and closed the door quietly.

Victor had almost finished the whole morning's work. Sitting at his desk, he kept his posture for the whole morning. With some difficulty, he stretched himself and twisted his neck.

Only then did he notice that the sun was shining outside the window. It was not so dazzling, but comfortable. The sunlight shone through the green leaves made Victor reach out to touch it. The mottled sunshine shone on the desk, and Victor felt relaxed for no reason.

He raised the watch on his wrist. It was half past eleven in the morning.

How time flies?

Victor picked up the coffee and took a sip.

The bitter coffee was refreshing. It was as bitter as usual, but he felt something was missing.

Victor chuckled, took out his phone and dialed Sophia's number.


"Hello, Victor. What's up?"

"I'm too busy today. I can't go home to have dinner with you."

"It's okay. I know you are too busy. Did you have lunch? "

"Give me a smile."

"What are you doing?"

Sophia couldn't figure out what Victor wanted to do, so she asked, "Why do you suddenly ask me to smile... It's so strange. "

"I want to hear it."

Victor deliberately lowered his voice.

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