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   Chapter 531 The Family Dinner

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Luis didn't want to be coaxed or ate candies, so Sophia was at a loss for words. At this time, someone reached out a hand to take the lollipop from Sophia's hand and opened it. After attracting Luis' attention with a little rabbit, the person put the candy in Luis' mouth.

In an instant, Luis stopped crying, playing with the little rabbit candy in his hand. Seeing that her child finally stopped crying, Sophia wanted to turn around to thank the person, but found that it was Teresa.

"Why are you here? What a coincidence! Thank you so much, or we really can't coax him. "

Holding the child in her arms, Teresa said, "It's Okay. I'll also take the child to have a check-up. In fact, the child is very easy to coax. You can take his favorite toys and a few candies with you."

"Well, you..." Sophia pointed at the toys in Luis's hands, Teresa waved her hand and said indifferently, "I have a lot of toys here. It's okay."

"Thank you." Sophia smiled awkwardly and Victor put the baby in Sophia's arms. Then he said, "I'm going to fetch the car. Wait here."

"Okay." Holding the baby in her arms, Sophia smiled and replied. Victor rubbed her head with a smile before leaving. Seeing that there was no emotion in Teresa's heart, she smiled and said, "It's still the same as before."

Looking at the baby in Teresa's arms with a smile, she was also very pleased. She smiled generously at Sophia, which made Sophia very happy. "Your daughter is so cute. Alas, it's not easy to take care of a boy."

"Your son is so handsome. My daughter is still young and always cries, otherwise how do I know how to coax children?" Anyone who heard others praised their children would be happy, and Teresa was no exception. She smiled and touched her daughter's little face.

"Are you alone? Where is Zed? Don't you have a nanny with you? " Looking around Teresa, there was no other people. Sophia asked curiously.

At the same time, Zed, who just came back with the nipple which had been left on the car, smiled politely when he saw Sophia. "You also take your son to have a physical examination? I just saw Victor. "

"Yes, he went to get his car." Sophia replied with a smile. After chatting for a while, Teresa left. Coincidentally, Victor drove over and Sophia got on the car.

In the car, it occurred to Sophia that Teresa had helped her to coax her child. Sophia couldn't help saying, "I didn't expect that Teresa is really like a good wife and a good mother now. I'm not as good as her. She's much better at raising children than me."

"That's different." Victor said indifferently. He didn't think Sophia was not as good as other mothers. At least, Sophia loved and cared about their son.

"Nothing!" Sophia cheered herself up and rubbed against Luis in her arms. "Anyway, it's still a long time. I'll study hard and be a good mother."

"Okay, I believe you." Victor said with a smile. Suddenly, he thought of the family dinner in few days and said, "The family dinner will be held every year in two days. Don't forget it."

"Family dinner? Okay. " Sophia remembered that in her heart. Thinking that Victor had to go to the company today, Sophia said, "How about you go to the company

Your brother hasn't been married yet, right? Does he have a lover? Maybe your father is busy with his work, he hasn't found any girl for your brother..."

Sophia just listened with a smile. It seemed that Grace had taken good care of her body recently. Grace even wanted to introduce her brother a girl. Fortunately, Grace didn't take it seriously. She just said what she wanted to say and she didn't say anything since Sophia didn't have the willing.

After playing with Luis for a while, many people came to greet Grace. She was surrounded by a group of people, chatting with them hand in hand. After greeting everyone briefly, Sophia left.

Holding Luis in her arms, she went to Teresa and asked, "Didn't you accompany your mother-in-law? You are here alone. "

"There are a lot of people attending this year's family dinner. We are the only ones who have attended it before. I don't know what's wrong with them this year. There are a lot of tables in the hall. My mother-in-law is too busy. Why should I be there?" Since Teresa had a child, she didn't like to deal with the worldly affairs in a crowded place.

Sophia felt the same way after listening to Teresa's words. She chatted with Teresa about raising children to kill the time. Teresa was indeed different from usual, and very different. It was a good thing for Sophia. It made Sophia feel that it was a good thing to get along well with Teresa and make friends with Teresa.

The family dinner was nothing more than a family dinner. All the children who studied abroad had come back this year. There were four brothers and sisters of Victor's grandfather in total, so there were indeed a lot of people in the family dinner. There were a long table, everyone sat down according to their seniority.

After the dinner, Grace asked Sophia to stay at her home to sleep over and went to bath her grandson and went to bed with him happily.

Both of Sophia and Victor smiled helplessly at each other. Sure enough, Grace wanted to let them stay for wanting to keep the baby by her side. But there was no obstacle of the baby tonight, so it was convenient for Victor.

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