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   Chapter 530 Sweet Fatal Attack

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10478

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Leon flew to France that night. When he got off the plane, it was the evening in France. He didn't even need to get over the jet lag, so he ran to the place where Rita lived.

In the apartment, Rita was eating grapes and watching TV with a facial mask. Her eyelids kept twitching and her heart thumped. Was there something wrong with Leon in China?

Thinking of this, Rita immediately called Leon, but he didn't answer the phone. Rita thought it was in the morning at her home, so there was no reason for Leon not to answer it.

Rita was a little uneasy. She walked around the room, but failed to calm herself down.

"Leon, where else can you go in the morning? If he didn't answer the phone, would he get up late again? Victor won't spare him. "

While she was guessing, Rita's phone rang. Seeing that it was Leon, she couldn't help smiling. She coughed two times and said, "Hello, what's up?"

"Well, you called me. What are you doing? It's late at night. Why aren't you sleeping?" On the other side of the phone, Leon was smiling, but Rita didn't hear anything. She just lay on the sofa as usual and said, "I'm tired from work. I want to watch TV for a while."

"Are there any stars in the sky in France today? I have, very beautiful. "

"Really?" Confused, Rita looked out of the window and went to the balcony. The sky was gray except for the moon, but there seemed to be someone setting the light downstairs.

She also wanted to share her thoughts with Leon, "There are no stars, but I think it's romantic downstairs. Maybe it's a young man's proposal."

"Really? Are you looking at it carefully? "

Hearing Leon's words, Rita lowered her head and looked down. She didn't expect that the candle that was put on the ground was her name and a huge heart. Rita covered the microphone with excitement and said, "What a coincidence! What are you doing?"

"Look back."

Look back? Why did he need her suddenly to turn around? Rita didn't expect that it was Leon who was standing behind her with roses in his hands.

Rita couldn't believe it. He shouldn't have been here. How could he suddenly come here? But Leon walked up with a smile and took Rita's hand. "I'm here with you."

"You...How could you be here? How did you get in here? " Rita took the flowers from Leon, tears welling up in her eyes. But the main problem was how he entered the house and showed up behind her.

"I asked Sophia for the key." Leon smiled and took out the key that Sophia gave to him secretly. Fortunately, Rita didn't change her residence, or the surprise wouldn't have been so unexpected.

"You are really..." Rita was so moved that she covered her eyes and lowered her head to prevent Leon from seeing her tears.

Leon saw Rita crying. Although he knew that Rita was moved, he still felt sorry for her. Leon immediately stepped forward and hugged Rita, saying gently, "I came in a hurry and didn't prepare well. I was about to set off fireworks, but this place in France doesn't allow me to do so."

"Why didn't you tell me? Who wants a surprise?" Rita hugged him and began to speak incoherently because she was too moved.

Victor saw her eyes, he immediately agreed.

Seeing the doctor take out the needle and get everything ready, the long needle was about to pierce into Luis's arm. Looking at the calm expression on Luis' face and the needle that was about to go down...

"Ah! ……"

Sophia couldn't help but scream. The doctor was so frightened that he took the injection immediately. Luis looked at his mother in confusion. Victor couldn't help laughing and said, "Close your eyes if you can't bear it."

The doctor also laughed and began to give the child an injection again. It was the first time that Sophia had been a mother. She really couldn't bear the situation of the child being injected, so she listened to Victor and closed her eyes obediently.

After a century, Victor reminded her, "Okay, open your eyes." Instead of opening her eyes first, Sophia asked, "Is the baby crying?"

"Didn't you hear that?" Victor couldn't help laughing. Crying was used to hear, not to see. When he asked this question, he instantly suspected that it was still as smart and simple as usual.

Feeling very embarrassed, Sophia opened her eyes. When she saw the cotton swabs on Luis' arm, Luis just was with his moistened eyes and looked at Sophia.

Looking at her son, Sophia immediately softened her heart and said, "Baby, does it hurt? Mommy will give you sugar later."

After paying the medical fees, the heavy stone in her heart was finally removed. Sophia felt relaxed. Looking at the silent Luis in the arms of Victor, she couldn't help but sigh, "I'm really too sensitive. It turns out that our child is so strong. Good."

"Yes, he is. After all, he is my..."

"Wow! Whoop! Whoop Mommy... It hurt... Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! !"

In an instant, Luis burst into tears. Before Victor finished his words, the child cried and pointed at his arm, saying that it hurt. His reaction was too slow.

Hearing the crying of the baby, Victor immediately got flustered and didn't know how to coax the baby. Besides, Sophia was so anxious that she took out candy to coax the baby, but Luis didn't buy it.

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