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   Chapter 529 A Secret Plan (Part Two)

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 5306

Updated: 2020-07-13 00:04

Leon drove all the way to Xiao family's house and rang the doorbell. It was Zelda who opened the door. When Leon ran in, he saw Luis crawling over on the ground in a pink rabbit doll dress.

Leon was stunned for three seconds. Hearing the laughter, he knew it was Luis and he immediately picked up the boy and looked at him carefully. Then Leon smiled and said, "Who has changed our handsome boy into a little princess?"

"Who else can it be? It's just your little princess who did such a good thing." Sophia walked out of the living room with a smile and reminded the woman in Leon's dream. Thinking of what Rita said to him yesterday, Leon smiled awkwardly.

"By the way, why are you here?" After thinking for a while, Sophia thought that Leon should have asked for a leave and then went to see Rita? Why did he come here? Was he here for the calendar?

Seeing that she didn't know it, Leon smiled and said, "Mr. Victor asked me to help you with your desk calendar." Leon didn't intend to tell her the fact that he was going to look for Rita abroad, because he was afraid that her relations with Rita was too good that she would leak the news to Rita, it would not be a surprise.

"Ah! I have prepared the photos for the table calendar, but I don't know what to do next. It seems that I have to trouble you. " Sophia smiled and thought it was indeed for the matter of the desk calendar. So she asked Leon to enter the room, while Leon was studying it aside. Holding her son in her arms, Sophia couldn't help but ask, "Leon, aren't you going to ask for leave to look for Rita? Why


Thinking of the fact that she worked with Leon, Victor felt even more uncomfortable. He immediately asked, "Why did you suddenly ask Leon to do the desk calendar today at our home? Are you up to something? Or do you have some feelings for Leon..."

"Bah, bah, what did you say?" Sophia knew what the latter part of his words was, so she immediately interrupted him and explained, "Although I did ask him to come here for a reason, I can't tell you now."

"Can't you tell me?" Victor asked her in reply, and then reached out to scratch her itchy flesh, "Are you sure you won't tell me? Is this tenacious? "

It was true that Sophia was afraid of itch, and she couldn't stand being tortured like this. She immediately begged for mercy. Hearing her begging, Victor stopped and listened to her words. After hearing it, he couldn't help but poke her head with a smile, "This is full of tricks."

"I did that for their lifelong happiness." Sophia explained to Victor in a reasonable way, while Leon, who was sitting on the plane, sneezed heavily.

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