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   Chapter 528 A Secret Plan (Part One)

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Leon finally finished his work several days in advance after staying up for two days and nights. But when he fell asleep, he felt relived. Of course, he over slept accidentally.

When Leon woke up, he found that it was already half past ten. He was so scared that he immediately jumped out of bed. 'Oh my God! All the things about asking for leave this time are in vain.'

Looking at the message again, he didn't call Rita back for Rita's messages and calls which called him woke up. He felt like weeping but had no tears. He quickly replied Rita that he got up late and immediately went to the company.

It was the first time for Leon to go to the company with such a heavy mood. Leon feel scared. He even quietly walked past the CEO's office and went back to his own office.

After receiving the document from the Secretary, Victor didn't see Leon. He asked the Secretary and knew that Leon was sorting out the documents in the company.

Years of work habits, but Leon didn't make any mistake. He knew that Leon didn't dare to ask for leave, so he didn't ask. He would agree when Leon said it.

Leon was miserable with such thought. He had already finished his work ahead of time, and he didn't have anything else to do. Was he willing to give up so easily? His hesitation made him think hard.

At last, Leon walked out of his office and walked towards the CEO's office. He thought to himself, 'How long will it take if I don't ask for leave now?' He knocked on the door nervously and walked in after getting permission.

"What's the matter?" Victor looked up at Leon and then turned his head to look at the comput

om my vacation." Leon asked cautiously, but Victor frowned deeply. Would he be so inhumane? Victor immediately said impatiently, "No, no. you'd better leave now. Don't wait for me to regret."

"Yes, sir!" Leon finally felt relieved and walked out of the office. He walked out of the company with a big smile on his face. The people he met all looked at him strangely.

"What's wrong general manager? Did he pick up the money? " A female employee holding a folder said in confusion.

Another well-dressed female employee heard it and said, "I think her wife has probably won some awards and he is very happy."

"How dare you! How dare you talk nonsense about your boss? Have you finished your work?" The two of them chatted excitedly. The group leader came over and scolded the two women. The two female employees immediately lowered their heads with guilt, but then they heard the group leader said with full of gossip, "I think it is obvious that Rita is pregnant."

"Uh..." The two employees looked at each other and thought, 'Sure enough, the group leader is so awesome.'

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