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   Chapter 524 Simple Happiness

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After lunch, Zelda took Luis back to his room for a nap. Sophia and Victor planned to go back to their room to have a rest. Holding Sophia in his arms, Victor said, "Don't always ask Zelda to have the meal with us from now on. Zelda has been used to eat in the kitchen for so many years. You suddenly made her like this. Although she is happy, she is still not used to it."

"Ah, but Zelda is so kind to us and takes good care of Luis. I just think she is too tired." Sophia pouted and felt wronged.

Seeing her like this, Victor touched her nose with a smile and said, "In addition to Zelda, there is a maid and a nanny at home. It's okay for Zelda to eat together with us only when we three at home. But when others see us like this, Zelda will feel uncomfortable."

"Well, I'll pay attention to it in the future." After Victor's explanation, Sophia understood and turned into Victor's arms. Victor was intending to have a comfortable sleep. Seeing her clingy appearance, he was very happy, so he closed his eyes with her in his arms.

Sure enough, it was comfortable at home. Sophia had a particularly stable sleep, but when she got up, she was not particularly comfortable. She felt that there had something patted her and she felt cold on her face.

"HMM..." Sophia made a sound and wanted to continue to sleep, but that something had turned over his body and tortured her again.

Sophia frowned and felt very uncomfortable with her face sticky. She reached out her hand to touch it. What kind of touch was it? As soon as she woke up, she immediately opened her eyes.

"Son, what are you doing?" Sophia almost blurted out and hugged Luis, who was still fiddling with her hair. It turned out that her face was covered with the saliva left by her son.

Sophia rolled her eyes and looked at her son who was laughing and felt angry and funny at the same time. Since Victor had disappeared, Sophia picked up her son with one hand and ran to the bathroom to wash her face.

Fortunately, Luis was not very heavy, and it was not hard for Sophia to hold him with one hand. However, Luis was a little naughty. When Sophia washed her face, Luis was still playing with her hair with a smile, and suddenly stuck to her wet face.

"What a bad boy! You are just like your father." Sophia changed her hands and held Luis in her arms. She touched her hands with some water and bounced them on Luis's face. To her surprise, Luis was still smiling.

The little cute boy had worn out Sophia's temper. She wiped her face and went downstairs. She didn't see Victor anywhere, so she asked Zelda curiously, "Zelda, where is Victor?"

"Mr. Victor said that he had something to deal with in the company and just left. He said that he didn't want to disturb you." Zelda poked her head out of the kitchen and said. Sophia thought for a while and looked at her son and said, "Then how did Luis get on my bed?"

Zelda giggled and said, "Mr. Victor said it was not good for your health to sleep for a long time, so he carried the little master to your bed and woke you up."

"Well, he's the only one who could do such things." Sophi

u're so smart. You've been abroad for so long and you finally came back?" James was happy to hear that and didn't care about that anymore. He had been waiting for Sophia's call for a whole day.

"I miss you so much that I came back... Ah, Luis, don't put my phone in your mouth! " Sophia didn't notice that her son took the phone away from her. He put it into his mouth and Sophia quickly grabbed the phone back and wiped it.

Seeing this, James laughed and said, "It seems that this little boy even wants to eat his grandfather. Hahaha."

"Dad, the baby is too naughty tonight. I have to coax him to sleep, or he won't stop tonight." Facing Luis's unyielding insistence on snatching her cell phone, Sophia was a little scared. She was about to end the call and teach Luis a lesson.

"Okay, okay. It's not easy to take care of the baby. I'll come to see him tomorrow." James understood that this little boy was indeed very naughty. After saying goodbye to James, Sophia threw her phone away and said to Luis, "Son, I don't believe that I can't deal with you."

Luis seemed to feel Sophia's strong atmosphere and immediately ran in the opposite direction, but he was caught by Sophia. She held the child and went upstairs.

It took Sophia a lot of effort to get the little devil to sleep, and finally she fell asleep too because of the tiredness. It was ridiculous for Zelda to see the mother and son fall asleep like this when she closed the door for them. In the middle, she saw that Sophia was so tired that she wanted to help, but Sophia insisted on doing it by herself.

When Victor came back, it was already late at night. When he went back to his room, he saw that Luis kicked Sophia's head and Sophia hugged Luis's buttocks. The strange sleeping postures of the mother and son made Victor smile.

After taking a shower and putting Luis back to his small bed, he went to bed and hugged Sophia from behind. With the heat behind, Sophia turned around and tried hug him in his arms.

"Silly girl." Victor rubbed Sophia's hair and kissed her forehead. "Good night."

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