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   Chapter 503 Self-Assertion

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"She came here for design inspiration. We had planned to come here, but we didn't expect to meet a passer-by." Rita was also absent-minded when she heard Bishop ask Sophia this question.

"Design inspiration? I've always bought Sophia's designs. I'm afraid it will be more surprising if Sophia puts her heart into it this time. " Hearing Sophia's words, Bishop had a better impression of Sophia. He didn't expect that a woman who worked hard would be so charming.

Being praised by him, Sophia felt a little embarrassed. She smiled and said, "It's just a simple design. Design takes heart, no matter what kind of design you have to pay attention to."

"Well, I'm sorry that I misunderstood you. No wonder your works always impress me. I have to admit that you are an excellent designer." Bishop appreciated Sophia in his eyes. With a smile, Sophia quickly responded and went to take photos.

Rita hadn't looked at the snowflakes since her words were taken over by Bishop. She had been observing every move of Bishop to Sophia. Had she really put Sophia into a trap? Bishop was a typical gentleman who spoke and behaved decently. But why did Rita always feel that something was wrong?

After the snow exhibition, Sophia obtained the materials she wanted with satisfaction. When she was about to go back, Bishop politely invited them to a meal again. Since she had already come, it was not good to refuse him now. Sophia took Rita with him and agreed.

Rita had thought it was just a simple meal, but Bishop's eyes had never left Sophia. He had asked Sophia many questions, and he had almost used a notebook to check the household register of Sophia. Rita was a little annoyed.

"Your designs are so popular abroad. I'm afraid you'll be more popular at home." Bishop still kept a gentle smile and asked Sophia questions. With a light smile, Sophia replied, "Everyone has their own tastes. I don't know how many people like my works."

"You're being modest, Sophia. It's rare for you to be a responsible and attentive designer." Bishop's words and deeds revealed his satisfaction with Sophia, of course, there was also recognition and admiration.

However, Rita couldn't stand it anymore. She interrupted, "Yes, Sophia is serious about our work. She have a lovely son who is learning to speak at home waiting for her to come back."

"Sophia, do you have a son?" Bishop was surprised. He couldn't help but think that it didn't seem like Sophia had a child at all. Bishop also only knew that she was married, and he didn't expect that she would become a mother.

"Yes, he is very cute. Besides, although her husband Mr. Victor is busy with his work, he will go home on time every day and spare time to accompany her and their son. They are very happy. " Rita said everything shamelessly. Looking at Bishop's expression, the standard gentleman smile on his face really froze.

"Well, Sophia indeed has a happy family." Bishop said calmly. Sophia knew that Rita was helping her, so she smiled and said, "Yes, I'm very happy."

After a simple chat, the three of them didn't intend to continue. They just ate quietly. Suddenly, Rita's phone rang. Seeing that it was Leon, Rita immediately answered it.

"Hello? Dear. Why don't you go t

r opinion, Sophia suddenly felt something was wrong. She took out a special snowflake pattern and said, "If I use all special snowflakes, I'm afraid that others won't know my design concept. The theme of this competition is not advanced customization, so I have to consider for the public."

Rita also felt that Sophia's words made sense. Rita silently gave Sophia a thumbs up in her heart and said happily, "Sophia, you are really something. In fact, you don't need my advice at all. You can solve it by yourself. Then I'll stay here with you tonight. I'm afraid you will be lonely."

"What? Stay with me? It's no need. Maybe I don't know how long I will be drawing. You'd better go to bed. " Thinking of the scene that she buried herself in work as soon as she got inspiration, Sophia was really afraid of disturbing Rita's sleep.

"It's okay. It's okay. I'm lying on your bed and playing with my phone. I won't disturb you. I'll sleep if I'm sleepy." After saying that, Rita fell down on the bed. In fact, Rita just felt a little uncomfortable with sleeping in her bed and she wanted to sleep in Sophia's bed.

Seeing her bright smile, Sophia could almost guess what Rita was thinking. Sophia shook her head helplessly and continued her painting.

In the process, Sophia found that the snowflake patterns were very suitable for the jewelry in small pieces, such as bracelets, and then the simple chains, which were simple and exquisite, absolutely eye-catching.

As for the main necklace, Sophia wanted it to be complicated and luxurious, but it couldn't be too tacky. So she chose a picture of many snowflakes messy together, keeping the original pattern to connect, and at the same time, she got the effect she wanted.

Looking at these two perfectly designed works, Sophia finally revealed a smile. The next creation was very smooth. With the beginning of the first two pieces, the next steps about the earrings and others were simple, as long as they could supplement each other.

The earrings were pendant style and dragged long. There were many small snowflakes on them, simple and beautiful, and the snowflakes were particularly exquisite.

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