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   Chapter 501 The Inspiration Of 'You Are My Favorite'

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However, Bishop's foot stopped again. He turned around and said good night to Sophia before he returned to his room with a smile.

Sophia took a deep breath, turned around and closed the door.

Hearing the door closing, Rita put down the flowers in her hands and pulled Sophia bedside the bed.

She held up her hands and said aggressively, "Sophia. Shouldn't you explain it to me?"

"Explain what?"

"What do you think? Don't you need to explain your relationship with that man? "

Rita could never let go of Rita for once, so she had to let Rita pull her to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Explain it clearly. I just came back from the film set and saw him standing outside your room. I asked him if he wanted to come in, but he didn't respond. I looked at the flowers in his hands at the first place. I thought he was my fans. Then I thought about it again. How could my fans not know me. Later I found out that he was a Chinese. I know all your friends. How dare you hide it from me now? "

Looking at the sullen Rita, Sophia couldn't help laughing. She quickly sat beside Rita, took Rita's hand and said, "I'm just going to explain it to you? Bishop and I didn't know each other until this morning. Of course I have to tell you, but I don't have time yet. I just have time now. "

Pretending to be angry, Rita still held her arm and said, "Do you want to say it now? "

"Yes. Didn't you ask me to give you an explanation? "

Seeing that Rita didn't say a word, Sophia said, "Do you remember that I sent you a message this morning to ask you to save me? I said I had an emergency? Then you called me back and I told you that I would explain it to you when you came back? "

"Yes, I do."

"That's because when I was looking at scenery, I met a strange local. He wanted to harass me and held my hand, not letting me go. He followed me wherever I went. I was so scared at that time, so I sent you a message."

"Then... What happened? How did you get rid of him? I remember that you said you were fine when I called you back. "

"Yes, I met Bishop at that time. He saved me."

"Why did this happen abroad? That pisses me off. If I had been with you, I wouldn't have let this happen to you. Has that foreigner learned any lesson? "

"No. I got on Bishop's car and left. We had lunch together."

"That man didn't beat him up? This kind of sexual harassment is a malignant tumor in this society. If I were there, I would definitely kick him on the most important place of his body. "

Sophia smiled at Rita and said, "You are so violent! "

"And then? But how did Bishop know where you lived? Why did he know you clearly? "

"When we had lunch, I knew that he came to France to participate in the same competition as me. He was also a jewelry designer and a Chinese. We felt that we were destined to meet, so we talked more and more happily. After dinner, he came back to have a rest and was about to drive me home. At last, he knew

an ten days left before the competition. I can go to watch it with you, but I haven't have the inspiration about the competition that I will take part in." Sophia was stunned for a while. Looking at the exquisite photo of snowflakes in the microscope in Rita's phone, Sophia came up with an idea in an instant.

Seeing that Sophia was suddenly stunned and drew on the paper with a pen, Rita felt a little strange. But when Rita looked at the gradually formed necklace outline on the paper, she couldn't help but close her mouth in surprise.

Sophia scratched out a rough sketch, but she didn't know how to design the details, so she poked her head with the pen. Seeing her stop, Rita immediately praised, "Wow, you are so talented. The necklace is so beautiful."

"It's not beautiful at all. I just drew a rough sketch of it, and I can't think of any details." Sophia was so depressed that she bent over the table and looked at her painting.

Rita didn't think so. She still wanted to pick it up and look at it. She couldn't help saying, "If the structure with some snowflakes is used as details, it should be more advanced."

The words awakened the person in the dream. Sophia immediately took the painting and said, "Use the details of snowflakes to delicate necklace. The middle lines of the necklace are inlaid with small diamonds. It's wonderful. Thank you for giving me such a great inspiration, Rita."

After saying that, Sophia buried herself in the painting. Seeing that Sophia finally didn't have to worry about the inspiration, Rita smiled and touched Sophia's head. "There's no need for us to say thanks."

Sophia suddenly had a lot of inspiration and she even designed a set of jewelry that was inspired by snowflakes. Compared with her designs, Sophia still felt that there was something missing in the design.

Rita, who was an outsider, didn't know whether it was beautiful or not. When she saw such a delicate design, she could only praise it.

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