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   Chapter 500 That's Enough

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The breeze on the windowsill gently brushed through Sophia's beautiful hair, and the hair obediently floated back to the back of her ears. If Bishop looked carefully, he would find that Sophia's face was a little red.

Sophia kept silent, thinking about how to refuse Bishop euphemistically.

Because she also felt that she was very lucky to meet Bishop. After all, she and Bishop were in the same industry, so they would know each other's hearts and the direction of their efforts.

And France was a melancholy place for Sophia, it became interesting for her because of this encounter with Bishop. Moreover, it was Bishop who saved Sophia when she was entangled by a foreign man.

Sophia raised her eyes and looked at Bishop who was staring at her.

"Mr. Bishop, in fact..."

When Bishop heard Sophia's intermittent words, he already knew what she wanted to say.

Maybe... Just refuse.

So before Sophia could finish her sentence, Bishop said, "Actually, I prefer you to call me Bishop. You don't need to call me Mr. Bishop. "

Looking at the man in front of her who smiled with dimples, Sophia said with a smile, "Bishop... I'm married and I have a baby. "

Hearing her words, Bishop couldn't believe his ears. From Bishop's point of view, Sophia was just like a simple woman who had never been in love with anyone, which made him unable to accept for a moment that Sophia was a married woman with a husband and a child.

This was beyond Bishop's imagination.

Bishop couldn't imagine it at all, so Bishop said these words and stood outside the door with the flowers he had chosen for Sophia for a long time.

But Bishop, who had received high-quality education since he was a child, of course didn't allow himself to reveal all his disbelief.

Bishop slowly closed his hands.

"I see."

"Bishop, you always say that you are happy to meet me, but do you know that I have always been happy to meet you. It's a strange place, especially for people like me who can't speak French.

Thank you for letting me meet you this morning. Thank you for saving my life this morning. Thank you for having lunch with me. "

"No, that was the lunch you had with me."

Bishop's joking words made Sophia laugh. It seemed that he didn't take it seriously.

Then it was time to make everything clear to Bishop. She couldn't let Bishop misunderstand her anymore, because any misunderstanding of her was not good for him.

"I have a husband and a baby. They are all at home. My husband is so busy that he didn't come to France with me. The baby is still very young.

Maybe you've only been with me for half a day and think I'm easy to get along with. But I also have many bad habits, probably the kind that only my husband can endur

, she couldn't help but sigh that the modest Bishop would say something like this, which had a big difference from before.

Sophia raised her hand and gently patted Bishop's arm with a smile.

Rita was lying on the bed, holding a book to cover her face, but her head was exposed from the side of the book all the time, because she was really curious about what kind of whispers the man she had never met had said with Sophia on the balcony. And they had talked for such a long time, which did not seem to be Sophia's style of doing things.

But it might prove that this strange man was very charming and could attract Sophia.

Seeing that Sophia and Bishop came out of the balcony, Rita hurriedly sat up from the bed, took a book to cover her face, and pretended to read the magazine attentively, as if nothing could affect her at this moment.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Rita was pretending to be reading, so Bishop stopped in front of Rita.

"These flowers are for you. You are beautiful. "

'Is he sure he is talking to me?' Rita's heart skipped a beat. She took down the book, looked at Bishop, and then looked at Sophia. Although Rita didn't know what tricks the two of them were playing, and she didn't know why this man, whom she had just met once, would give her flowers.

But after hearing what the man said, Rita accepted it happily.

"Thank you."

Rita took roses and babysbreath. No woman didn't like flowers, except for Sophia who was allergic to some flowers. Moreover, a woman like Rita only loved roses.

"The flowers smelled good! "

"As long as you like it. "

Bishop said to Rita with a smile.

"Well, I'm leaving now. I won't disturb your rest. "

Rita nodded and raised the flowers again to thank Bishop for giving them to her.

Sophia followed Bishop to the door.

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