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   Chapter 499 Bishop's Move

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When Sophia heard the slightly arrogant voice of Victor, she smiled. She could even imagine the expression of Victor on the other side of the phone when they sent voice messages to each other.

"It's really good. And they are all my favorite dishes. Victor, you are awesome! I love you so much! "

Victor heard that she was in a foreign country far away from him and ate the food he ordered for her. Victor was so happy to hear her coquetry.

"Then you should love me with all your heart. Just eat. I'll video chat with you at night. Now I have to change a diaper for our son. "

"Okay. Love your honey. "

Sophia put down her phone and concentrated on eating. She thought he wouldn't talk to her anymore, but another message from Victor came.

"I love your, too."

Sophia felt warm in her heart. How could she love him so much.

The soft voice made Sophia feel that if she was in front of Victor now, she would definitely run over to stick to him and kiss him.

Bishop looked out of the window at the sky after he received Sophia's message. He didn't want to ask why she refused to have dinner with him before. Instead, he picked up his clothes and walked out of the door.

Bishop wondered if it was because he had had a meal with Sophia today. The time they two spent together was enough for a person he had just known. They didn't need to meet each other again, which would affect their good impression.

Or was it because Sophia had an appointment with someone?

Bishop increasingly felt that he should start to deal with Sophia as soon as possible. He was eager to be with Sophia as soon as possible.

Bishop had already made up his mind. After eating some food on the street, he walked into a flower shop.

He wanted to speak out his mind to Sophia tonight.

What flowers should he give her? Roses were necessary, but Bishop still wanted some special flowers.

Then let's use the baby's breath. Bishop knew that the flower meaning of the baby's breath was, "I really like you.".

Bishop stayed in the flower shop for a long time, because this was the first time he sent flowers to a girl, and he didn't know what kind of flowers Sophia liked.

In the evening, Bishop walked back to the hotel with the flowers in his hand.

France's night was very romantic. The warm orange light of the street lamps lit up the road for pedestrians. Three or two French people held their arms and talked and laughed.

The water rippled on the lake. It was quiet here. There was no feasting and revelry, there was just very peaceful, which made people calm down.

Sophia was also sighing at the quiet side of it. She put her wet hair on her shoulders. It didn't make her feel uncomfortable, but fresh.

Sophia walked to the window with a dry towel and gently rubbed her hair with it. Feeling the breeze, she felt relaxed and happy, as if she could forget all the troubles of the day.

Bishop came to

self. Then Rita lay on the bed and read the magazine.

Sophia was afraid that Bishop would feel bored sitting on the balcony alone, and that she would ignore Bishop's feelings when she was talking to Rita here.

Sophia calmed herself down and made a cup of fragrant tea for Bishop.

"Mr. Bishop, have a taste of the tea I made. "

"Well, thank you. "

Bishop put the flowers on the table and took the tea with his hands from Sophia.

Sitting next to Bishop, Sophia didn't know how to say or what to say to Bishop.

"Well, this tea is very special. It tasted bitter first but sweet later. Excellent! "

Bishop's praise for the tea Sophia brought from home made her feel a little sweet in her heart.

"Mr. Bishop, you came here... What's the matter? "

"Sophia... I'm here to tell you something. "

Bishop called Sophia's name directly, but he didn't call her Miss Sophia. Bishop's words made Sophia feel a little uncomfortable but kind.

"Okay, go ahead. I'm listening. "

Sophia picked up a cup of fragrant tea in front of her, took a sip and said with a smile.

"I felt very happy when I got along with you this morning. I haven't had such a feeling for a long time. I admire you and like you very much. "

Sophia nodded with a smile.

Looking at Sophia who was in silence, Bishop coughed and said, "Do you know what I mean by 'like'?"

Sophia could not help but blush. Of course she knew what Bishop meant.

Sophia had this feeling when she saw Bishop appear outside her room with flowers.

But when Bishop said this, she was still confused. She thought for a while and said, "Does the word 'like' has some other mean?"

Hearing Sophia's words, of course, Bishop thought that Sophia understood what he said and that Sophia also had a crush on him.

"So... You agreed? "

Bishop said to Sophia carefully.

"Agree on what?"

"Do you want to be with me?"

Bishop looked at Sophia and said with a smile.

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