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   Chapter 495 Meet An Acquaintance In A Foreign Place (Part One)

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 5743

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"You haven't been married for a long time. You'd better enjoy the world of two people first." Sophia patted Rita on the shoulder and said.

Having a child seemed to add a lot of fun to Sophia's life, but she didn't have much time alone with Victor. Her heart was full of Victor before, and now she gave a lot to Luis.

Of course, if Sophia made a choice now, she would still give birth to Luis. After all, she always believed that Luis was a blessing from God for her.

Hearing Sophia's words, Rita thought carefully and said, "You are right. I'd better live a world of Leon and me first."

When the two were chatting happily, there was a sudden knock on the door. When Rita opened the door, she found that it was her assistant. The assistant gently reminded Rita, "Rita, are you ready? We have an activity to participate in later. "

It was not until then that Rita realized what had happened. She quickly took out a dress from the wardrobe she had just tidied up and said, "OK, wait for me a moment. I'll be ready soon!"

After changing her clothes, Rita went to a private activity in France with her assistant. Sophia stayed in her room and continued to sort out the things they brought here from her country.

After everything was ready, Sophia picked up her phone which had been put aside for a long time. When she saw the screen lock of the phone, she remembered that she hadn't reported to Victor when she came to France, although Victor might have known about her situation long ago.

Thinking of this, Sophia quickly dialed a video call to Victor, but to her surprise, the other end of the phone seemed to answer her video in a second.

"Victor, I've arrived at the hotel. I've just settled down.

is arms and shook Luis to Sophia. Luis opened his eyes wide and looked at Sophia in the video. Luis suddenly smiled two times.

"I'm going to make Luis take a nap." Victor said softly.

Sophia waved at the two of them and hung up the video.

Although Sophia seemed to dislike Victor's coquetry after marriage, she had to admit that she was happy about it, so she was still happy after hanging up the video.

Sophia took out the competition materials from the folder, which were sent to her by the organizer early. It showed that the theme of this jewelry creation competition was "eternity and precious".

Eternal and precious?

The first thought came to Sophia's mind was Victor. They had been through a lot of ups and downs, but they still couldn't be separated from each other. On the contrary, the shackles between them were getting deeper and deeper, which led to the current that they had Luis... No matter what she thought of, how could she design the relationship between her and her lover into her design?

Sophia couldn't find a clue for a while. She was a little melancholy and could not help but look out of the window.

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