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   Chapter 493 Design Competition

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Knowing that it was not that Sophia didn't want to go, Rita breathed a sigh of relief. She joked, "Sophia, I didn't see that you were willing to sacrifice yourself for your family before. The more independent we women are, the more charming we will be!"

Although Rita said it in a joking tone, what Rita said was true.

Since Sophia gave birth to the baby, she seemed to shift the focus of her whole life to the family. She was indeed doing business, but she was not as concerned as before.

Rita proposed to let Sophia participate in the jewelry competition for the sake of their company on the one hand, and on the other hand, Rita hoped Sophia to put her heart back to work after the competition.

Being teased by Rita, the nervous Sophia couldn't help laughing. She pretended to hit Rita and said, "Isn't Leon enough for you to bully? Now you are bullying me? "

Speaking of Leon, Rita blushed and said, "You two are my closest people. If I don't bully you, who else can I bully?"

Sophia became interested. She walked up to Rita and asked in a low voice, "How's your marriage life with Leon?"

"Nothing. We used to live separately. Now we get married and move together. At the beginning, we felt very sweet. No matter who gets up first in the morning, I or he would make breakfast for another. But after living together for a long time, we don't feel as fresh as before..." Speaking of this, Rita looked a little disappointed.

Sophia patted Rita on the shoulder and said thoughtfully, "Otherwise, how could people say 'distance produces beauty'?"

Rita nodded and said, "That's true. But I still have expectations for us. I don't want to be disturbed by these trifles after marriage!"

Sophia nodded. She could fully understand Rita's mood at this moment.

"Did you do the same when you were with Victor at the beginning of your marriage?" Rita turned around and asked.

Sophia thought about it carefully and said, "I don't remember. There should be some. But now we have even given birth to our baby, so there is no such problem..."

Sophia and Victor seemed to have lived together from the very beginning. It was not easy for them in the past. They had been in love for a long time, and they had also encountered the tricks of fate and all kinds of trials, so they were able to achieve such a good result.

"I think we still need to keep our marriage fresh. You should try to create a sense of freshness for each other." Sophia added.

Rita also thought that it made sense. She nodded and said, "Okay, I'll listen to you. I'll have a try at home today."

"You look so anxious!" "If we go to France in a few days, you won't think so. You must talk to Leo on the phone and video every day," Sophia continued, unconcernedly revealing Rita.

Rita covered her face shyly and pouted, "Oh, why do you expose me?"

Although Rita had always been a graceful and gentle goddess to the outside world. In fact, she had a little princess li

so excellent. You will definitely win the award." Victor said proudly.

Sophia murmured in a low voice, "What if I don't win the award?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't get an award, and I think the experience of the competition is far more important than the process, isn't it?" Victor continued, stroking Sophia's back gently, as if he was gradually wiping away her doubts.

Sophia nodded, Victor was right.

In fact, she was not afraid of losing, but worried that there would be people who had ulterior motives in the country to make a fuss about it, but the competition was really focused on participating.

Seeing that the frown on Sophia's face eased a lot, Victor said, "But I think you will get an award."

After being enlightened by Victor, Sophia felt much better and began to be confident. Then she continued, "Of course, I will win the award."

"Well, that's right." A rare smile appeared on Victor's face.

Suddenly, Sophia added, "But I have something to worry about..." She got out of Victor's arms and stared at him, not knowing what she was thinking.

"What's wrong?" Be looked by Sophia like this, Victor asked worriedly.

Taking a glance at Luis, who was still sleeping soundly in the crib, Sophia said slowly, "I would be abroad for so many days. What about Luis? Although Luis and Web and Zelda are good to be together, I'm still worried about him... "

Hearing this, Victor looked at Victor with a helpless expression, as if his authority as a father had been challenged. He said, "I am still here. What are you worried about?" Victor patted his chest.

Sophia was amused by Victor's pretended anger. She found that since Luis came to their family, Victor had become less sharp, not as cold and serious as before, but more childish, which made her feel very happy.

But she still continued to say seriously, "You are very busy with your work and don't have much time to accompany Luis, so Luis is much closer to me than to you."

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