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   Chapter 492 Fear Of Marriage

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10094

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Jeremy angrily interrupted Sophia's words and said, "How could I take care of my child? I don't even want to marry, let alone the child!" When Jeremy thought that he would have to change diapers for a child every day after he got married and had his own children, he felt his scalp tingling.

It seemed that Sophia didn't expect that Jeremy would have such a reaction. She stared at his face for a long time and slowly asked, "Do you fear of marriage?"

"Fear of marriage" was a very popular words nowadays. It was often seen in some young people. They were mostly afraid of marriage, liked freedom, and pursued instant joy.

Hearing this, Jeremy seemed to finally find a confidant. He was so excited that he snapped his fingers and said, "Bingo!"

At the same time, Sophia had already seen through his mind. She quickly added, "I'm not a supporter of you who fear of marriage. Sure enough, men still have to get married and have children, so that you can settle down..."

She couldn't imagine what kind of life she would live if Victor also feared of marriage like Jeremy.

In contrast, she preferred the kind of responsible and good man who always thought of his own family. Especially after she became a mother, she was moved by what Victor had done for her.

Realizing the meaning of Sophia's words, Jeremy retorted, "Although I'm afraid of getting married, it doesn't mean that I'm a man with uncertainty. It's just that I haven't met a suitable woman yet so that I don't want to get married."

Hearing this, Sophia nodded and said, "You're right. It's irresponsible to make a hasty decision on marriage."

Seeing that the topic was finally brought to the point, Jeremy immediately asked Sophia for help, "Yes, so help me as soon as possible!"

"Me? How can I help you? " Sophia asked in reply.

Jeremy took a deep breath and said, "My father said last night that he was going to arrange blind dates for me these days. You know him well. As long as he says something, it's impossible to change... When you have time, please help me persuade him. Only you can persuade him to listen to you! "

"Now only you can help me..." Then Jeremy made a gesture of cupping his hands again.

Looking at the expressions and movements of Jeremy, Sophia couldn't help laughing. It was the first time that she had seen Jeremy so panic, which was really inconsistent with the image of a gentleman in her heart.

"I can help you, but this time I'm on your father's side. I agree with him that you should get married as soon as possible." She said slowly.

Jeremy had no choice but to swallow another mouthful of tea, which seemed to suppress his anger. He said, "If I wanted to get married, I would have married long ago. Why do I have to wait until now..."

In the middle of his words, he suddenly changed the subject and said, "Sophia, look, you have changed a lot after you married to Victor and had your own child with Victor."

"I have changed. How have I changed?" Sophia raised her eyebrows and gestur

nds of new jewelry designers would pass this competition and go to international stage.

There was no doubt that it was good for Soph-Ri, Rita and Sophia.

Sophia didn't reply immediately. Instead, she continued to study the information about the competition in her hand and slowly asked, "Rita, look here. She said that we couldn't send the designs to them, but we must go to France to participate in the competition in person..."

Rita nodded and said, "Yes, we can go there in person. In this way, we can make more friends and explore the market of Soph-Ri. Isn't it good?" Rita thought it was a rare opportunity.

Hearing Rita's words, Sophia hesitated and said, "I'll think about it." Sophia checked the information before and after a few times and put it aside.

Seeing such a performance of Sophia, Rita thought that she didn't want to go, so she asked in confusion, "The competition will only be held once in three years. If we miss this year, we will have to wait for another three years. Such a good opportunity is in front of us. Don't you want to go?"

In fact, Rita had made a plan for Sophia. As long as they could win the award in the competition, their reputation would rise several times on the original basis, and there would even be more unexpected opportunities.

Sophia shook her head and walked to the sofa, motioning for Rita to sit down with her. Sophia had been drawing a new design recently. If Rita hadn't come in time, Sophia would have forgotten to rest.

After sitting down, Sophia said, "It's not that I don't want to take part in it. It's just that I can't come back in one or two days after going to France. I have to go back and discuss with Victor. Luis is so young, and he is closest to me now..."

She also understood that many things could be changed in three years as Rita said. In particular, the competition was not only about the assessment of professional skills, but also opportunities. Who knew what unpredictable things would happen after three years?

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