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   Chapter 491 Being Forced To Marry

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Hearing James's words, Jeremy picked up the invitation card and looked at it, with a flash of disbelief in his eyes. He remembered that more than a month ago, this guy asked him to a night club and said that it was a bachelor party. Why did this man suddenly get married? Jeremy couldn't help but whisper, "It's too fast..."

"He is fast. Look at him and then look at yourself!" James said with disappointment. His son had an outstanding appearance and family background. If his son wanted to get married, he might have several grandsons now.

Jeremy was choked by James's words. He really had nothing to refute.

In fact, it was not that Jeremy didn't want to get married, but he really didn't meet the right woman he liked. When he met Sophia before, he thought he had some hope, but he didn't expect that such a dramatic story as "brother and sister" would also happen to him.

Seeing that Jeremy didn't say anything for a long time, James thought he was moved, so James said with reason, "Sophia is much younger than you. Now she has Luis. You should try your best to let me have a grandson as soon as possible. I think the daughter of S Group is good. Do you want me to find someone to help you?"

Hearing what James said, Jeremy felt a headache. He had seen the daughter of S Group several times. She was indeed gentle, but she was a little shrewish. She was not his type at all.

Afraid that James would force him to go on a blind date, Jeremy refused, "Dad, don't worry. I'll handle it myself."

James knew that Jeremy was not interested in it at all, so he exposed Jeremy mercilessly, "let me arrange it for you. If you deal with it later by yourself, everything would be too late!"

A few years ago, James had believed that Jeremy could find his beloved woman by feeling, so he hadn't arranged a blind date for Jeremy. But now, Jeremy was already in his early thirty's. If he still believed what Jeremy said, James would probably not see his daughter-in-law in his life.

"Dad, you know me. If you force me to get married and I'm not happy in the future, you can't blame me for doing something bad..."

When he said this, Jeremy looked very easy-going, and his tone was joking, but it gave people a very firm feeling. Even James was shocked.

Not knowing since when, there was an unwritten rule in Mu family that the man in Mu family only could have one wife in their life. Therefore, although Jeremy's mother had passed away for many years, James had never remarried. One was because of this family rule, and the other was that James's heart had been filled with Sophia's mother, and he could no longer accommodate other women.

The meaning of Jeremy's words was very obvious, and even went against Mu family's rules. James's face turned livid. He pointed at Jeremy and asked, "How dare you talk to your father like this?"

It was just that Jeremy didn't want to marry first, but now he was even joking about the family rules. Presumably, he spoiled Jeremy too much, thought James.

Seeing the serious look on James's face, Jeremy didn't dare to say anything else. He coaxed in a low voice, "How dare I

d, "Mr. Jeremy, I'm really sorry that I didn't recognize you."

Jeremy, who was famous for his good temper, naturally didn't haggle over with the receptionist. He smiled and said, "Is your boss here?" Then the receptionist called the secretary of Sophia and led Jeremy to Sophia's office.

Entering the office, Jeremy greeted Sophia, "Hi, we haven't seen each other for a long time."

Sophia poured a cup of spring tea for Jeremy in person and let him sit on the sofa next to her. She joked, "What's wrong? You wouldn't come to me if you hadn't something to ask of me. Do you have anything bad to ask me for help?"

Sophia and Jeremy were very familiar friends. After knowing the blood relationship between them, the two of them got closer and talked less and less politely.

Hearing this, Jeremy directly told her what had happened last night.

Unexpectedly, after knowing the thing, Sophia couldn't help but cover her mouth and smile. "I didn't expect you to have such a time. But I think uncle is right. You should get married now. Are you going to be single for a lifetime?"

Sophia took a sip of the water and continued, "Besides, you can find a suitable girl according to your conditions. There are so many excellent girls in the circle, and there will always be someone who likes you and you also like her..."

"Why did you also say that?" Jeremy said helplessly. In the past few years, more and more people had advised him to get married, but he really had no intention of getting married now.

Sophia raised her eyebrows and said disapprovingly, "Of course. Although people say that men are more popular as they get older, it's better not to delay the marriage for too long. Uncle can help you take care of the child when he is still strong!"

Sophia couldn't help but think of herself. Since she gave birth to Luis, Xiao family's elders played with Luis almost every day, and even Christopher's smile increased a few times, looking much younger.

Sophia thought that it was all because of Luis, so getting married early would indeed add a lot of fun to life.

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