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   Chapter 490 Forgive Him

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Zed's angry voice woke up his daughter who was sleeping soundly in Teresa's arms. She pouted her lips and burst into tears.

"Why are you so loud?" Teresa said loudly to Zed. Seeing her daughter crying, Teresa immediately put down the suitcase in her hands and gently comforted her daughter with two hands holding her, but it was useless at all.

Teresa had no choice but to sit on the sofa and breastfeed her baby, but the baby refused to eat as if she knew her parents were quarreling.

Looking at his daughter who was crying with a red face, Zed felt very sorry for her. He walked to the side of Teresa and said softly, "Let me hug her! Even if you want a divorce, I'm still the father of our child! "

Without any objection, Teresa allowed Zed to hold the baby in his arms and comfort the baby. Strangely enough, her daughter, who didn't like Zed's hug very much, was especially obedient in Zed's arms now.

As soon as Teresa let go of her hand, the phone in her bag rang. She took it out in a hurry. She was afraid that it was a call from the hospital, telling her about Connie's condition.

"Hello? Hello. " Teresa said politely.

"Is that Miss Teresa? Please come to the hospital tomorrow. I gave you the wrong report today. I didn't find it until I sorted out the documents on my duty tonight. I'm really sorry. "

"What? You gave me the wrong report? " Teresa couldn't believe that such a situation would happen in the hospital.

"Yes, I'm really sorry. I didn't find it until tonight, and then I immediately called you. I hope it won't affect you."

Teresa was speechless. It was the first time that she had encountered such a situation. She really wanted to tell him that it had caused an impact on her. She wanted to scold him again, but her good upbringing told her that she couldn't.

"Okay, thank you. I'll come to the hospital to get the report tomorrow." Teresa was still gentle and courteous.

After hanging up the phone, Teresa looked at Zed's questioning eyes. She smiled bitterly and said, regardless of the quarrel with Zed, "The doctor of this morning called. He said the report that he gave to us this morning was someone else's. We took it wrong..."

"We took it wrong?" Zed was speechless. How melodramatic it was! It was very likely that the quarrel between him and Teresa for so long was in vain.

Teresa nodded and shrugged helplessly. She took the baby from Zed's arms and went to the bedroom.

After a while, Teresa came out. The baby in her arms had been put on the crib and Teresa let her play with herself. Teresa threw a quilt on the sofa and said coldly, "You can sleep in the study tonight."

Without waiting for Zed's answer, Teresa walked to the bedroom and closed the door.

Looking at the closed door, Zed smiled bitterly. It didn't matter. As long as she didn't divorce him, he would be willing to sleep in the study for a month.

On the second day, as soon as Teresa came back from the hospital, she directly threw the result in front of Zed. Looking at the expressionless expression on Teresa's face, Zed was

dn't make him worry much since childhood.

A gust of cold wind blew. Jeremy turned to his father and said softly, "Dad, it's a little cold here. You'd better go inside and stay there."

James shook his head. He didn't come here to kill time for fun, so he said, "It's indeed a good thing to focus on your work, but you still have to relax yourself more. You are not young now, and Sophia even has a child..."

"Stop!" With a "no" gesture, Jeremy interrupted James's words.

Jeremy wondered why his silent father suddenly came to the terrace and said something to him. It turned out that his father had another intention.

"Dad, you know me. I haven't met someone I like yet. When I really meet someone that we love each other, I will immediately give you a grandson!" With a cheerful look on his face, Jeremy wanted to end the topic of James.

Hearing what Jeremy said, James knew that Jeremy was perfunctory. After all, it was not the first time. James continued, "Wait, wait again. How long do I have to wait? I'm old now. I don't know if I'm lucky enough to see my grandson! "

"What are you talking about? You are still young!" Jeremy was most afraid that James would bully him by his age, so Jeremy quickly denied.

James waved his hand, threw the wedding card in his hand in front of Jeremy and said, "Look, the son of Mr. Wang is 5 years younger than you. He is going to get married soon. You don't even have a girlfriend..."

Speaking of this, James couldn't help but feel a little dissatisfied. Mr. Wang's son was a well-known playboy in the circle. Back then, he gave his son a subsidiary company and wanted him to manage it well, but when the subsidiary company was handed over to Mr. Wang's, which almost made Mr. Wang lose about ten million.

Every time James talked about the younger generation with Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang always said that what he envied most was that James had trained Jeremy well by himself. But now, even the son of Mr. Wang had been married, but there was no news of Jeremy at all. James was so anxious.

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