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   Chapter 489 It's His Child

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"Okay, you should go back now. The baby is the most important. Connie was also a parent. She knew that Teresa and Zed were worried about their children, so Connie didn't keep Teresa.

Before leaving, Teresa specially went to the doctor in charge of Connie to ask about the situation. She didn't feel relieved until she made sure that there was nothing serious with Connie.

When she and Zed were about to walk out of the gate of the hospital, they were stopped by a short male doctor in a white coat.

"Are you Miss Teresa?" The doctor asked with uncertainty.

Teresa was a little confused. She looked at Zed, who shook his head to show that he didn't know him. She felt that the doctor looked familiar, but she didn't have a deep impression on him.

"I'm Teresa. Who are you?" Teresa frowned slightly.

The male doctor laughed, "You are so forgetful. Don't you remember that today should be the day to take the DNA test result?"

It was not until then that Teresa came to her senses. She was so worried about Connie that she forgot the result of the DNA test in the hospital today. She nodded and said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I really have something to deal with at home that I forgot about this matter. Thank you for reminding me. Thank you!"

"It doesn't matter. Now that we meet each other, then follow me to get the result!" The doctor said with a smile.

"Okay." Teresa smiled sweetly and nodded slightly.

Teresa followed the doctor, while Zed was one step behind Teresa. He was a little nervous, afraid that the result of the DNA test was that the child was his. His hands were wet and sweating, and he could not help but hold them tightly.

Noticing Zed's nervousness, Teresa was also very nervous and a little scared. Although she was very sure that the child would not be Zed's, she could not help but think about what she should do if the result was completely different from what she had thought. Shaking her head, Teresa didn't want to think further. She stared at the doctor's white coat and prayed in her heart that the child would not be Zed's.

When the doctor handed the test report to Teresa, her hands were trembling. She tried to control her nervousness and was stunned when she saw the result.

Teresa tried to blink her eyes to make sure if she had seen it wrong, but the report said that the DNA match result was... 99.999%.

Zed became more flustered when he saw Teresa standing there in a daze. He pulled out the test result from Teresa's hand. When he saw the result, he felt as if the world had collapsed.

That child was really his... Then, Teresa... At the thought of this, Zed turned to look at Teresa.

"Ha ha, Zed, I still trust you so much. You are really... That child is really yours. " Teresa came to herself and sneered at Zed. Teresa didn't know whether she was mocking herself or Zed.


ld you my bottom line. In the past, I thought it was useless to tell you this, because I knew that you loved me and would not touch my bottom line. But now I am not sure if you love me or not."

"Honey, don't say that. I still love you. It was an accident." Zed defended himself.

"Don't say anything about unexpected. One hand alone can't clap. You should understand this, right?"

"I..." Zed couldn't continue. He lowered his head and realized that Teresa really minded it.

Zed's silence infuriated Teresa more. It seemed as if he was admitting to her that he had been thinking about cheating when she was pregnant.

"Let's divorce!"

Teresa didn't want to continue this kind of marriage. Since Zed didn't love her, she was not the kind of person who forced him to love her. Without love that she could still live a good life.

"What?" Zed suddenly raised his head and looked at Teresa in disbelief, his eyes full of injury. As he expected, did Teresa really want to divorce him? No, he would never agree.


"No, I don't agree." Zed was not as easy-going as usual. He looked at Teresa and said resolutely.

"What right do you have to disagree with me? Zed, please understand that it's your infidelity in marriage. What right do you have to disagree? Since you can't get along with me, let me go and let yourself go, okay?"

"No, I won't agree. Teresa, don't even think about divorcing me."

"Ha ha, it's ridiculous. Since you don't agree, I'll take my daughter out by myself. Isn't there a rule that the marriage will be automatically terminated if we don't live together for more than two years. Let's just wait." After saying that, Teresa walked into the bedroom with her daughter in her arms, packed up some clothes of the baby, and pulled the suitcase and she was about to go outside.

"Do you have to do this?" Zed grabbed Teresa who was passing by him and shouted.

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