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   Chapter 488 Beat Connie Up

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After saying that, the woman left, twisting her buttocks. Before she left, she closed the door. A few seconds later, Sally heard the key turning in the lock.

Sally immediately grabbed the handle and tried to open the door, but the door was locked from the outside.

"Open the door! Open the door! " Sally slammed the door and kicked it hard, trying to get out. However, no one outside answered her at all.

After a while, no one answered her. Sally also felt tired and fell asleep on the 1.5 meter small bed.

It was the second morning when Connie came to see Sally. She looked down at Sally who was lying on the bed with disgust in her eyes.

Connie turned around and said to the woman who had been following her, "This woman likes to seduce men very much. Since she likes men so much, let her have guests three hundred and sixty-five days a year, and all her money belongs to you. If she wants to escape, you should teach her a good lesson."

The woman was not satisfied with Sally's attitude towards her last night. She nodded and said, "Okay, don't worry. I will treat her well."

Sally was awakened by the conversation between Connie and the woman. When Sally saw that Connie was looking down at her, she suddenly stood up and sat up.

"Why are you here?" Sally asked warily.

"I'm here to visit you. I want to see if you live here well. Haven't you been forcing my daughter to find a place for you to live? Are you satisfied with the place I found for you? " Connie said with a smile.

"It's you!" Sally was furious when she heard what Connie said. It was this woman who killed her child. Now Connie brought her here again.

"It's me. What's wrong? Isn't this place better than the one you rent? I found you a job by the way. " Connie's tone was full of contempt.

Connie's last sentence was the last straw to crush the camel. Sally immediately lost her mind and only thought about how to tear up this woman.

She rushed madly to Connie, grabbed Connie's hair and pulled it hard. Her free hand made a fist and hit Connie on the shoulder. Sally said while beating, "It was you who kicked my belly and killed my child."

"Ah, ah, you crazy woman, let go of me," Connie's hair was pulled by Sally, and Connie was so painful that tears came out. She blocked Sally's fist with one hand and grabbed Sally's hair with the other.

Being forced to be crazy, Sally ignored the pain on her scalp and hit Connie harder, as if Sally wanted to kill Connie to pay for her child.

Connie was old and well bred, so she was no match for Sally at all. Connie felt as if her shoulder was about to be broken by her, and the pain on Connie's scalp was unbearable. She pulled Sally's hair harder.

"Come on, help me." Connie held her breath in pain and called the woman beside her to help her.

The woman who came in with Connie helped Connie grab Sally's hand that was beating Connie. The woman tried her best to turn Sally's hand back, and Sally couldn't move. But the hand that was holding Connie's hair didn't intend to let go. Instead, it grasped more tightly, and tore off a strand of Conni

g at the wounds all over Connie's body, he felt a little guilty. If he hadn't provoked this woman, these things wouldn't have happened.

"Mother, let me and Teresa deal with this matter. You just rest assured and recover. The doctor said that you can't be too emotional recently." Zed looked at Connie and said with guilt.

Connie was not satisfied with Zed at all. If her daughter didn't like him sincerely, she wouldn't let Teresa marry him. Now she had become like this because of the woman he had provoked. It was impossible for Connie not to be angry.

Taking a look at the sincere Zed, Connie said sarcastically, "How can I not be emotional after such a thing happened? If you want me to live a few more days, please be good to my Teresa. Don't mess with those women outside. "

Connie's words embarrassed Zed. But it was indeed his fault, so he didn't say anything and just listened to Connie quietly.

Looking at the scolded Zed, who lowered his head and listened to her mother's scolding honestly, Teresa felt a little distressed. She pushed her mother, indicating that her mother should finish her words as soon as possible.

Connie understood what Teresa meant and rolled her eyes at Teresa, but Connie didn't say anything.

"Mom, did the doctor say when you can leave the hospital?" Asked Teresa in a low voice, after helping Connie tidy up the hair near her ear.

"I need to stay here for a few more days. I'm fine. You can go back now. I've just called your father and he'll be here soon. You have to take care of the child. You can go back first!" Connie didn't want to talk to Zed because of Sally. She ignored him and just said to Teresa.

It was true that Teresa was worried about her daughter who was taken care of by the nanny at home, but Teresa also wanted to stay here with her mother. After thinking for a while, Teresa decided to go back first. After all, her mother was not a child, and the one at home could not live without her.

"Okay, mom. We will go back first. It's almost noon. The baby must have been hungry and crying."

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