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   Chapter 487 Being Sent To Be A Prostitute

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Zed didn't know what to say. Listening to the quarrel between Teresa and Sally, he felt very sorry for Teresa. When Teresa gave birth to his child, she was in danger, but he did such a thing during her pregnancy. Until now, he still made her upset and angry. He really deserved to die.

Teresa didn't want to argue with Sally any more. She thought that the reason why this woman kept holding on to Zed was probably because of money, and her husband had been standing beside her with a blank and silent face, which made Teresa very angry. She took a look at Zed, turned around and walked out of the ward.

Teresa took out her phone and called Connie. As soon as Connie answered the phone, Teresa complained.

"Mom, that Sally is shameless."

As soon as Connie heard the name "Sally", she got angry. Although she kicked Sally's belly, the baby was not lost, which would be a hidden trouble sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Connie asked in confusion, "What's wrong with her again? Isn't she still in the hospital? "

"Mom, her child was dead today, and she said that the child was Zed's. I think she just wants money."

"Dead? The baby should die. She shouldn't have been born. How could Sally want money? There is no such good thing. " Connie sneered. She didn't kill the person who destroyed her daughter's family, which was already a good thing for Sally. How could Sally still want money?

"Of course. I asked her to compare the child's DNA with that of Zed, but she refused directly. It was too unreasonable." The reason why Teresa told Connie about it was that she wanted Connie to help her.

"There must be something wrong with it. A normal person should be eager to test the DNA, but she refused. But don't worry, I'll deal with it."

"Okay, thank you, mom." Teresa had been waiting for this sentence for a long time. She thanked Connie happily when she heard that Connie would help her.

"It doesn't matter. As long as you are happy, that's good. This woman dares to plot against us. If the baby is not Zed's, I must teach her a lesson."

After hanging up the phone, Connie used some connections of An family to easily get the DNA of Sally's child.

After getting the DNA of Sally's child, Teresa had been looking for an opportunity to tell Zed about the match. Coincidentally, one day, when she saw that Zed was in a good mood after work, Teresa mentioned it.

"Zed, about Sally's child... I want to discuss with you. " Teresa looked serious.

Zed's smiling face froze slightly. He didn't know why he suddenly mentioned Sally, "Okay, go ahead."

"Didn't we ask Sally to do the DNA test with you before? She didn't want to do it, but it doesn't matter. I still have her child's DNA. Are you willing to do it now?" Teresa looked at Zed expectantly.

"I..." Zed felt a little difficult to make a choice. He wanted to do it, on the one hand, to dispel his doubts, and on the other hand, to make Teresa feel at ease. But he was afraid to have a test. What if the child was really his? Wha

in the back of her neck and lost consciousness.

When Sally woke up, it was already one or two o'clock in the morning. She touched her sore neck and looked at the strange environment in front of her, not knowing what to do.

She lay on a small bed. There were some simple furniture, the smell of perfume in the air, and it was stuffy. The light in the room was pink, and it was very ambiguous.

Sally had just finished measured the room when the door was pushed open. A woman in her forties looked at her and said with a smile, "Oh, you're finally awake. I'll train you later. You can have guests from tomorrow night!"

Sally was confused. She had stayed in the bar for a long time, so she certainly knew what this woman meant. Sally was sent to a place full of prostitutes.

Needless to say, it must be Teresa who did it. Sally hated Teresa even more. She cursed in her heart. Sally didn't expect that this woman looked weak on the surface, but was so vicious in her heart.

"Why am I here? Let me out! " Sally walked up to the woman and shouted.

The woman leaned against the door frame, glanced at Sally contemptuously, and sneered, "Well, do you still want to go out since you are here?"

Sally knew it was not easy to get out of this place. Looking at the woman's attitude towards her, she had to put down her dignity if she wanted to go out. After thinking it over, she smiled, "Sister, I came to this place as soon as I woke up. I was brought in by someone. Can you pity me? Let me go."

"Let you go?" The woman raised her voice by eight degrees, a little shrill.

"Yes, yes. I really don't know why I am here. Please let me go. " The woman's tone made Sally very annoyed, but in order to go out, Sally pulled the woman's clothes and said flatteringly.

"You don't know why you are here. Then you should know who you have offended, right? So, I can't let you go so easily. " The woman pushed away Sally's hand and continued, "I advise you to be quiet and stay here. Just behave well."

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