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   Chapter 485 The Baby Died

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When it came to the matter of the child, Teresa was particularly soft hearted, just as she could easily give up to continue to go against Sophia in the past.

"What? Are you hiding something from me? " Sally looked at Teresa who stopped abruptly. Perhaps it was a woman's sixth sense, Sally keenly sensed the pity that Teresa looked at her.

"Nothing. Have a good rest." Teresa shook her head and didn't want to say anything more. She glanced at Sally, afraid that Sally would ask her something later, and then walked out of the ward.

"You, don't go... You haven't... Answer my question! " Looking at the back of Teresa, Sally wanted to sit up from the bed in a hurry, but she had used up all her strength during the delivery. She struggled a few times and then fell heavily on the bed, muttering something unwillingly.

Sally struggled to pull out the needle that injected into her hand. When the nurse came in to give her an injection of contractile, the blood on the back of Sally's hand had dried up, and it looked a little scary with the blood on the back of her hand.

The nurse looked at the messy bed and said in an unfriendly tone, "What happened? Do you want to die? This is the medicine to prolong your life. " The nurse said as she packed up the needle and the infusion bottle. There was still more than half of the water in the bottle.

Sally was a little scared by the nurse's anger. She said uneasily, "Miss, can I see my child?"

The nurse heard what she said. She looked at Sally pitifully and said, "Take off your pants first. I'll give you an injection of oxytocin to help your uterus shrink. It's a little painful. You have to endure it."

Sally nodded. She could bear the pain of giving birth to a baby, which was equivalent to twelve ribs broken at the same time. The injection was not worth mentioning at all.

When the needle went into Melissa's buttock and the liquid medicine began to be pressed down, Sally couldn't help shrinking her buttocks because of the pain. It was a very painful feeling. She wanted to describe it, but she didn't know how to describe it.

After the injection, Sally wanted to ask about her child again. When she was about to ask, the nurse said, "Your child is in the incubator now. Don't worry. You can go to see her when you get better."

"Thank you. By the way, is the baby healthy?" Sally thought of the topic that Teresa avoided, she looked at the nurse and asked seriously.

The nurse had been in the hospital for a long time and had been used to this kind of abnormal baby, but she still felt sorry for this woman. She hesitated for a moment and slowly said, "Your daughter has congenital abnormality, and her right hand is missing. Moreover, because of the premature birth, she has stayed in the stomach for too long after your water broke. She is lack of oxygen. She has not cried since she was born. The score is only 3!"

"What? Congenital disease? " Hearing the nurse's words, Sally was stunned. The news was like a bolt from the blue to her, and she couldn't come to her senses for a long time.

The nurse's words shouldn't have been said by her, and should have been said by Sally


After saying that, the doctor turned around and left, leaving Teresa standing at the door in a daze. Teresa was a little hesitant and didn't know how to tell Sally the news. When she was about to push the door open, Sally's voice came from the ward.

"Who is talking at the door?"

After several days of recuperating, Sally's voice was stable, not as weak as before.

"It's me." Teresa pushed the door open and put a large basket of fruit on the bedside table beside Sally's bed.

Because of the kick from Connie, Sally's daughter was born in less than eight months. The baby could only stay in the incubator at such a young age. Although Sally didn't show her hatred for Teresa, Sally still wanted to tear Teresa up in her heart. In her eyes, Teresa just shed crocodile tears.

Sally looked calm without any expression on her face. She felt that there was a sentence very suitable for her current situation. The more turbulent her heart was, the calmer she looked. "What are you doing here?"

Although Sally had concealed her emotions well, Teresa still keenly sensed the hatred in Sally's eyes. She didn't take Sally's emotions seriously, because she knew that such a woman with no background could not stir up any trouble at all.

"I'm here for the prenatal checkups. I came to see you by the way." Teresa glanced at Sally and said casually.

"I don't need you to come. Get out!" Sally's voice was calm. She didn't want to see this woman at all. She was afraid that she couldn't control her emotions and tore Teresa apart.

"Don't flatter yourself. Do you think I want to see you? I was just in the corridor and your attending doctor asked me to tell you something. " Teresa was very dissatisfied with Sally's attitude. She came to see Sally out of kindness, but Sally even kicked her out. It seemed that she had been too kind to Sally recently.

"What's the matter?" Sally turned to look at Teresa. Sally was confused and didn't know what happened. Why didn't the doctor tell her in person and let Teresa tell her. Did something happened to her baby? An ominous premonition arose.

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