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   Chapter 444 Trust

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After a while, Zed appeared in front of Teresa and Connie.


Zed seemed to be quite familiar with this place. He found the place where Teresa was and quietly poked his head out from behind the curtain.

"I am here!"

Zed looked at Teresa with a smile. When he turned around, he found that Connie was also present, but he didn't feel the atmosphere was a little cold.

Zed politely said to Connie, "Mom, you are also here."

Today, Connie's enthusiasm for Zed was gone. She just nodded at Zed.

"What are you doing here?"

Connie pretended not to know and questioned Zed.

"Oh, mom..."

When Teresa was about to answer Connie's question, she was stopped by a glance from Connie.

"I was a little worried when I saw Teresa wasn't at home. I felt flustered all the time. I thought that she couldn't drive to other places because she was pregnant, so I said that I would drive to pick her up."

"Are you worried even if my Teresa be with me?"

Zed didn't expect that Connie would ask him such a question. "My Teresa" seemed to draw a clear line between Zed and Teresa.

In fact, Connie didn't want to say these words in front of Zed at first, because she felt that when she said these words in front of Zed, it would definitely affect the relationship between Zed and Teresa.

But when Zed appeared in front of Connie and Teresa, Connie still told herself that she must let Zed know about it.

At the same time, she must let Zed know that Teresa knew about it, and Teresa, who was pregnant, might be threatened.

Of course, Connie would rather believe that Zed hadn't done such a thing, but Connie wanted to remind Zed, at least let him know that what Zed had done would always be seen by An family.

As long as he did something wrong to Teresa, Connie would not let him go, let alone Adam.

"Of course not, mother. How can I worry about Teresa when she is with you?"

Zed paused, trying to change his image in Connie's mind today, and said, "This place is also far away. Of course, I came to find Teresa in order to take you home."

When Connie heard the first sentence of Zed, she slowly realized that what she said just now seemed a little illogical.

It was natural for Zed to pick up his pregnant wife when he came to see Teresa.

But what Zed said next made Connie feel that the child in front of her seemed to be a little sophisticated and cautious from the previous innocence to now.

Maybe, he had always had it, but he didn't show it in front of her.

Connie frowned slightly, which was seen by Teresa, who was sitting next to Zed.

Connie picked up the tea cup in front of her elegantly and took a sip, which made people feel that she was an elegant lady.

The fragrance of the tea permeated in the air. Connie said, "I say, Zed."

Hearing Connie calling him, Zed raised his head and said, "Yes, mom, what do you think?"

"Did you often go to bars some time ago?"

When Zed worked at the An Group, Z

ed walked a little casually, but he still habitually held Teresa in his arms.

"Zed... Why did you park your car so far away? We haven't arrived yet since we have walked a long time. "

Hearing Teresa's complaint in a low voice, Zed smiled and said, "Because I want to walk more with you."

Teresa was confused by Zed's words. She raised her head and looked into Zed's eyes.

The two of them couldn't help laughing.

Looking at the woman in his arms, Zed had an indescribable feeling.

He felt that Teresa had changed a lot recently. It couldn't be completely said that it had been recently. It should be said that since Teresa was pregnant, she had been very different from before.

Zed didn't know how Teresa had changed. He just felt that the woman beside him had changed a lot.

She wasn't as arrogant and unruly as she used to be. Instead, she was less unreasonable, less taking something for granted and less haggling.

Seeing that Zed was looking at her and lost in his thought, Teresa could not help waving her hand in front of Zed.

"Hey... What are you looking at? "

It was not until then that Zed came back to his senses. He lowered his head and gave Teresa a kiss on the forehead.

Looking at the smiling Teresa, Zed felt as if his heart had missed a beat.

"It's up to you."

It was not until then that Zed remembered that Teresa had said to Connie that he had chased after Teresa for so many years. It was true.

Thinking back of the days when Zed followed Teresa, he couldn't even count the days.

When he heard that Teresa thanked him for following her all the time, Zed also wanted to say thank himself for not giving up and following Teresa all the time.

"Let's go home."

Subconsciously, Teresa touched her belly, raised her head and held Zed's hand. In a sweet voice, she said, "Okay, let's go home."

Zed opened the door for Teresa, fastened her seat belt and adjusted her seat to the most comfortable position for her.

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