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   Chapter 423 Touched

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Victor woke up under Sophia's concern eyes. Fortunately, Victor was fine. Ivan was relieved. If something really happened to Victor, Ivan couldn't afford it.

"Victor, how are you feeling now?"

Victor held Sophia's hand which clenched his hands tightly and said gently, "It's okay. Don't worry. I just feel dizzy with blood."

"Do you know! You almost scared me to death... "

Sophia pounded on his chest and complained.

"All right, all right. Let's go. I don't want to stay in the hospital for one more second."

Victor was about to stand up, but he was stopped by Sophia's press.

"Wait a minute. I'll ask the doctor if you can leave now."

Victor didn't stop Sophia. He shook his head and let her go.

Looking at Sophia's figure went out, Rita followed Sophia subconsciously.

Ivan kept his head down and dared not speak.

Looking at Ivan who was lowering his head, Victor suddenly thought of something.

"Ivan, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself too much."

"Mr. Victor, are you really okay?"

"Well, it's just a normal blood phobia. You don't have to worry too much as the wound has been stopped."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Victor. I was too careless. You got hurt while I was driving... "

Before Ivan finished his words, Victor interrupted Ivan.

Ivan had been working for Victor for a long time and Victor trusted him

This kind of brotherhood, which was deeper than subordinate relationship, also had a bottom line that could not be touched.

That was Victor's bottom line, Sophia.

"I said I wouldn't blame you. You don't have to blame yourself. I got hurt just to protect Sophia. But if the person who is sent to the hospital today is Sophia, I will never let you go. You know, I can do it. "

"Yes, yes."

Victor's words were heard by Rita and Sophia, who was about to enter the ward.

Sophia walked into the ward with a smile. Her indescribable gratitude turned into tears hidden in the corner of her eyes.

Rita just wanted to stand outside the ward and didn't want to go in again.

When could Rita hear these words from Leon?

Ivan walked out of the ward, followed by Sophia and Victor. Their two hands were tightly clenched, with ten fingers clasped together.

Rita and Ivan walked in front of them. They didn't want to disturb Victor and Sophia who were walking behind them.

Victor pinched Sophia's angry face, which was also full of fear.

"Well, I'm fine? You see, I am okay now. Don't worry about me, okay? This will never happen again, okay? "

Sophia raised her head and looked at the wound covered by white gauze on Victor's forehead.

Just now, there were a lot of blood flowing out of Victor's body, but she was at a loss. It seemed that she was not strong enough.

Feeling sorry for Victor, Sophia nodded.

"Then what should we do next?"

Victor turned his head to look at Sophia.

"Go home and have a good rest."

"No, let's go on with our schedule."

"Go to the shopping mall."

Victor said to Ivan. Ivan turned around and made an

eemed that Victor was willing to choose something for the baby in Sophia's womb. But for some reason, it seemed that Victor had the ability to be a good father in an instant.

Looking at the sweet Sophia and Victor, Rita smiled as if she was infected.

It was afternoon when they came back with a lot of things.

They had afternoon tea. Under the guidance of Rita, Victor bought some cakes which were necessary when Sophia and Rita went shopping everytime.

Back home, Victor looked at Rita's package on the ground, confused.

Sophia explained, "Rita said she didn't want to go home and asked us to take her in."

Victor turned his head and smiled playfully.

"Who said that! I'm going home. Who wants you to take me in? "

Listening to Rita's words, Sophia also laughed.

When Rita got on the car, she fell asleep probably because she was too tired, or because she thought too much last night and couldn't sleep well last night.

Victor asked Ivan to put down Rita's chair a little, which would make Rita feel much more comfortable.

During this time, Sophia also told Victor a lot of things about Rita and the relationship between Rita and Leon.

Rita wanted to say something, but Rita felt that if a girl brought up such a marriage thing first, it would be meaningless as she expected. She was afraid that she would be disappointed because of her initiative.

Victor said that Leon cared about Rita very much, but Leon didn't know how to express his love for her. However, in this era, Leon couldn't do many fancy things, which made Sophia think that Leon was reliable.

Victor also understood Sophia's intention at once. Although he and Leon were good friends, he should not interfere in the emotional life related to Leon. But since they had known each other's real thoughts, not to mention this kind of indecisive behavior, it was not a problem to help Leon and Rita.

Sophia and Victor exchanged glances with each other and smiled at each other after knowing each other's intention.

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