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   Chapter 422 Care

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Rita grumbled, looking at Sophia.

Rita continued to eat the fruit platter on the table and answered Sophia's question, "In fact, it doesn't matter if I think about it again now."

"Since you've come to my house and brought so many daily necessities, just tell me."

Sophia knew that Rita came to her home to pour out her thoughts, but Sophia was confused that Rita was not willing to say anything.

"It's… I just feel that Leon has changed. He is different from before. "

Rita's words amused Sophia.

"Why did Leon change?"

"He seems to have changed a lot.

It seems that he doesn't love me that much. Yesterday was the anniversary of our three years together. He forgot it.

I waited for him at home for so long that I almost fell asleep. He took a shower and went to bed without saying anything when he came back.

What's more, I found that he didn't do many sweet things to me like before. He used to help me dry my hair after I washed it and tie my hair at home when I was free. Although all these things are insignificant, I just like to see people from the details. "

"Is it because Leon is too busy to remember the three years anniversary?" Comforted Rita.

"But is there any place in his mind that he can remember? Three years! It's been such a long time for us two to come together with difficulty. Why didn't he remember? And how can he remember those documents so clearly? "

Sophia really didn't know how to answer Rita's question. It was easy for her to understand that the man had forgotten these anniversaries, and it was also easy for her to understand Rita that she cared about these tiny things.

"Maybe the company is really busy? Although sometimes Victor would stay at home with me these days, he would always receive phone calls from the company and then be busy with dealing with files.

You should know that they have a lot of work to do every day. It's normal for them to forget something because that they are busy all day long."

"Did Victor forget every anniversary you spent together?"

After thinking for a while, Sophia recalled.

Under the gaze of Rita who was forcing her to tell the truth, Sophia said, "It seems that… No. "

"So! Leon doesn't love me anymore! "

Now Sophia had a general understanding of why Rita was angry. Sophia smiled and felt restless when Rita heard that Victor hadn't forgotten every anniversary with Sophia.

Sophia patted on Rita's shoulder and couldn't help but think back whether she was the same with Victor when they were just together…

She was counting the days like a child.

However, in Sophia's eyes, age didn't mean anything.

One year, two years, three years, or even seven years of itch. These words in years looked heavy, but Sophia felt that time was not so important when they were together.

You have been with the one you love for three years. Maybe you still think that you have just been together, but those who have been together for a long time but don't have much feelings for each other, or that they haven't gone through the normal process from love to marriage.

In this world, it would be very difficult to find a person who had the similar view of life and values with her.

Because people couldn't resist the temptation of profit.


uldn't help smiling. "I'm fine. It's just a wound. It's okay."

Victor said that he was fine, but the blood couldn't stop flowing. Looking at Victor who was paralyzed in her arms, Sophia was more anxious and almost shed tears.

"Stop talking, Victor. We'll be there soon."

Sophia hugged Victor tightly and kept looking up at the distance from the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Rita asked Ivan to hold Victor's arm, and she walked to the side of Sophia, holding Sophia's hand. "It's okay. Just bandage it. Why are you so nervous?"

Rita followed Ivan and Victor hand in hand with Sophia.

When the doctor saw the powerful Victor in S City, he immediately walked up to him and ordered his nurses to bind up the wound for Victor.

Victor was fine, but the wound on his forehead was big but not deep.

Sophia held his hand tightly.

Victor was halo blood and he was still in a trance. He closed his eyes and didn't say anything.

Sophia was very worried. "What's wrong with you, Victor?

Victor, say something!"

Rita looked at Sophia beside her and said patiently, "It's no big deal. The wound is stopped. Don't make any noise. He fainted for a while and will wake up soon."

Looking at the nervous expression on Sophia's face, Rita began to miss Leon.

Rita wondered if she cared too much about those trivial details, which were insignificant compared to life.

As long as they were together. Rita couldn't help but reflect on herself. In fact, Rita knew the reason why Leon didn't want to marry her.

It was because Leon cared too much about her. He was worried that she was a public figure. As soon as they announced their relationship, Rita would face a lot of things she didn't want to face, such as various questions from the media and various interviews.

However, Rita wanted to marry Leon and she didn't want to wait any longer.

That's why Rita was not satisfied with what Leon had done these days. But she had to consider his hard work every day and she couldn't be too willful, so she wanted to leave home and come to Sophia's house to calm down.

But Rita didn't expect that she would miss Leon so much before the whole morning.

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