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   Chapter 419 Showdown

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Victor slept with the tired Sophia for a while. She lay on the bed, with her hands on her belly and Victor's arms under her head.

Victor slightly turned around and hugged Sophia. The two people were like vines that depended on each other.

They tightly leaned against each other, and the sound of their breaths was like a lullaby, which made them feel more and more relieved.

As the sun gradually set, Victor and Sophia were so tired that they felt comfortable after a good sleep.

Feeling Victor's warm breath, Sophia slowly opened her eyes, gently leaned sideways and hid herself in Victor's arms.

Victor felt the movement of Sophia and woke up.

"Are you awake?"

Victor raised his hand, smoothed Sophia's hair and pinched Sophia's nose.

"Yes. It's so comfortable. "

"Yes, I'm really tired. Marriage is too tiring... "

Hearing Victor's words, Sophia couldn't help laughing, "What are you talking about?"

"I think it's too tiring to get married."

Knowing that Victor said it on purpose, Sophia grumbled, "Then why do you still..."

"Whether we two are going to get married or not. You are destined to be my wife. No one can replace you, and no one can change the fact.

So, if it weren't for our baby that I want to give the baby a good start, I wouldn't have made you so tired.

I feel heartbroken to see you walking back and forth with such a big belly and even smiling at someone."


Hearing Victor's answer, Sophia was touched. She looked up at Victor and replied with a smile, "I feel very happy. You don't understand the significance of marriage to a woman, so you think so. "

Victor touched Sophia's forehead and left a deep kiss on it.

"Just let me hug you like this again, I'll take you to a place when we get up."

It was not until then that Sophia remembered that Victor had told her at noon that he had other plans.

Hearing Victor's words, Sophia was sleepless and put her hand around Victor's neck.

Victor rested his chin on Sophia's forehead.

The two of them just quietly relied on each other.

Victor looked back at the clock on the bedside table and felt that it was almost time, so he stood up gently.

He gently pulled his numb hand out of Sophia's head. Sure enough, pregnant women were drowsy. When Sophia was in Victor's arms that she could not get asleep no matter what with her big eyes opened. When Victor woke up, Sophia had already fallen asleep, keeping a steady breath.

Victor couldn't help but feel that Sophia's lovely charm was too great.

Victor pinched her face and Sophia woke up from a light sleep.

"Let's go to a place."

Victor took coat of Sophia, got on the car with her and was about to drive to the destination.

Victor opened the door of the passenger seat and then got on the car himself. Looking at Sophia's heavy belly, Victor fastened the seat belt for Sophia.

Sophia had been thinking about where Victor would take her all the way, but she couldn't figure out the fact.

Although she really wanted to know, she thought that if Victor didn't tell her, he must want to give her a surprise, so she didn't want to destroy the atmosphere.

The car stopped.

Victor held Sophia's hands and walked forward s

om Zed.

"I am right."

Zed thought that Charles was just joking, but he didn't expect that Charles really did it behind his back.

Zed threw Charles's phone on the ground angrily.

"Charles! Are you still a human being! Kickback? How could you do such a disgusting thing as kickbacks? Only you can do it! "

Charles got furious when he saw his phone thrown on the ground by Zed.

Charles rushed forward, grabbed Zed's collar and glared at him, "What do you want to do?"

"I don't want to do anything! I just don't want to work with a disgusting person like you anymore! I want to disband the company. I want to break up! Charles! I must have mistaken you! Now I! Immediately! Arrange someone to pick me up. I don't want to take one more second with you! I don't want the five million you invested! "

Zed said angrily.

Hearing what Zed said, Charles still had some confidence in his heart, so he went further, "Okay! Just break up! But please give me two million before you leave, or I won't let you go! "

Two million! Are you crazy.

Zed knew what Charles meant and said, "That's impossible!" Then he waved his fist at the face of Charles.

The two of them were angry at each other's extreme behavior and fought fiercely in the office.

The two men punched each other, and the employees were scared to run away, not daring to take a step closer.

The office was in a total mess.

Zed was so angry that he felt that his partner had betrayed him. Zed seemed to have exerted all his strength to suppress Charles.

Charles was so tired that he was defeated by Zed and collapsed on the ground.

Zed touched the wound on his face and didn't want to talk to Charles anymore. "One million, just one million. Otherwise, I will expose your secret! One after another! "

The handle between people was really terrible. They would do something they hated for such benefits and see the existence of people they hated.

Charles, who was beaten to the ground and didn't want to get up, nodded.

Zed strode out of the room and left Charles on the ground, enjoying the smell of Zed's fists.

Zed also went home with his wound.

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