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   Chapter 416 Happiness

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Leon welcomed Christopher and Victor's parents on the stage. The new couple needed to serve tea to their parents and elders.

Rita and Leon handed the newly prepared tea to Sophia and Victor.

Under the guidance of Victor, Sophia served tea to Christopher and Victor's parents together with Victor.

Christopher had been looking forward to this moment for a long time. He smiled at Sophia of bowing to him and serving tea to him.

"Grandpa, have some tea."

The word "Grandpa" made Christopher even happier.

"Okay, okay!" Christopher smiled and took the tea handed over by Sophia's hands. The guests under the stage applauded. Christopher took the tea handed over by Sophia, which also explained Sophia...

It seemed that Christopher had accepted Sophia and Sophia became a member of Xiao family.

The father of Victor and Grace also doted on Sophia.

It seemed that in the heart of Victor's family, Sophia had already been accepted.

Sophia looked at Victor's parents who were smiling at her and smiled happily.

Then, Sophia and Victor went back to the center of the stage again, receiving an interview from the media.

"Hello, Mr. Victor. When did you plan to get married with Miss Sophia?"

"Since I met her, I've been thinking about marrying her, not just simply being with her."

Standing on the right side of Victor, Sophia found that his hand was holding hers. His hand couldn't help but tighten.

"Does Miss Sophia like the style of this wedding?"

"I suppose so."

Victor looked at Sophia with uncertainty and Sophia nodded with a smile, and then Victor dared to answer boldly.

"I have promised Sophia a fancy wedding for a long time. I designed all these with Leon. Of course, grandpa made a great contribution. However, I was not sure at the beginning that this was the style Sophia liked. I hope I can realize the dream for Sophia of a grand wedding which has been expected by her for a long time like a fairy tale. "

Sophia smiled at Victor and said, "That dream has come true today."

Hearing Sophia's answer, the major media couldn't help but sigh that Victor had such a great ability, but Victor also worried that he couldn't do well in the face of Sophia.

In the eyes of outsiders, Sophia was very happy, but in fact, Sophia was happier than they imaged.

After all, it was just a slip of the tongue of Sophia that could easily be regarded as a joke by others, but it was remembered so clearly and executed by Victor. How happy Sophia was.

In the last part of the interview, all the major news media also invited Victor's mother, Grace, hoping that Grace could express her attitude and thoughts towards Sophia.

Looking at Sophia on the stage that had already been recognized by Xiao family, Caspar had an unknown emotion.

Caspar was afraid that Xiao family cared too much about Sophia, and he would find it troublesome to find Sophia to do anything in the future. However, this thought had already been confirmed by Caspar.

Judging from Victor's nervous attitude towards Sophia, Victor would definitely not allow the same thing that Jenny did to happen again as what happened last time. As the daughter-in-law of Xiao family, who had just entered the family, Xiao family would protect Sophia in every way.

At the same time, Caspar

st. He thought it was unlikely that Mr. Thomas and his wife would come to the wedding, but when Victor saw Mr. Thomas and his wife who were about to give him and Sophia gifts, Sophia felt a great sense of honor.

"Are you surprised? Wish you happy! Sophia! I wish you happy! Victor! "

Sophia replied, "Thank you."

And she also took the wedding gift with both hands from Thomas and his wife.

"I thought you wouldn't come!" After listening to the explanation that the person who sent the invitation to Thomas came back, although Sophia hoped that Thomas and his wife could come to their wedding, she understood them very well.

"How is that possible? I have to see you get married in the wedding dress designed by me! "

Thomas's sudden tease made Sophia face blush.

"Yes, it's beautiful. You're happy. I wish you and Victor happiness. "

"I will." Victor held Sophia's hands tightly, as if he was making a promise to Thomas and his wife.

Sophia gently rubbed Victor's hand with her finger pulps.

"The gift is not very expensive, but very interesting. This is the flower seeds that Thomas and I picked for you in the garden outside. I hope you can be as sweet as before after a long time. "

After saying this, Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Thomas looked at each other and smiled.

At the same time, Victor also turned his head to look at Sophia and touched the short hair near her ear.

The most beautiful thing is to accompany you to grow old, and you still treat me as before.

And all of this was witnessed by Teresa.

Teresa happened to sit at a place where she could take a panoramic view of the whole hall.

She clearly saw Sophia's smile and Sophia was standing beside Victor.

Teresa felt indignant in her heart. Although she had accepted the fact that Sophia would be Victor's wife, when she saw Sophia in Victor's arms, Teresa's jealousy would still appear again.

In Teresa's opinion, the only person who could stand beside Victor to propose a toast to the guests was her, Teresa. How could Sophia replace her position?

Seeing Victor chatting with Sophia happily, Teresa felt bad, but she didn't have much thought and time to make things difficult for Teresa.

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