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   Chapter 414 Preparations

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After Leon and Rita left Victor's house, Leon held Rita's hand and looked down at Rita, asking why Rita was so happy tonight.

"Because the wedding of Sophia and Victor will be held the day after tomorrow. I have witnessed the hardships of Sophia along the way with Victor. Finally, when Sophia gets married, I appeared as a bridesmaid. "

Rita shook Leon's hand.

"You know what? I think I'm lucky. After I knew Sophia, I felt that my personality has changed a lot because of her. I also learned a lot from her that I don't have myself.

I think complementary is not only the best appearance of love, but also the best appearance of friendship. Right? "

Rita raised her head and looked at Leon. But what she met was a deep kiss from him.

"We will get married when your career stabilized."

In the evening of the second day, Victor sent a special car to pick up Rita and Leon on time.

Sophia had already prepared to put on makeup in the studio.

Rita and Leon were going to try on the bridesmaid's and groomsman's dresses they had prepared.

Victor turned to Leon and asked him to take care of Sophia and Victor would go to get something in person.

Leon looked at Rita and Sophia who tied clothes for each other and Leon nodded.

Victor started the car and drove to the jewelry customized company.

When Victor and Sophia were doing their own things in the study, Victor found the jewelry sketch which had been designed for a long time by Sophia.

It might be the new products that Sophia was preparing to put on, but Victor, who was careful, saw that these drafts were modified by Sophia recently, and had been revised recently. She drew when she had nothing to do, and they were always placed at the top of the series.

At that time, Victor had an idea, that was, to make the jewelry Sophia liked and designed by herself played a role in his and Sophia's wedding.

Victor, who was decisive and resolute, had already handed these drafts to the jewelry designing company.

And now, Victor was going to the jewelry customized company to get Sophia's jewelry.

Victor picked up the packed gift bag, which was probably a pair of bracelets, customized necklace and earrings.

It happened that Sophia hadn't made up her mind yet when she prepared these accessories.

Victor couldn't help smiling when he thought that it must be a big surprise for Sophia who always got satisfaction easily.

Victor came back soon. Seeing that Leon was sitting on the sofa and reading newspaper in his best man's suit, he walked over and patted Leon on the shoulder.

"Thank you."

Victor handed the gift bag with customized jewelry to Sophia and sat down with Leon. Then he discussed with Leon about what they should do tonight in detail.

As Victor's best man, Leon had a lot of things to do for Victor.

After Rita and Sophia were dressed up, they would be sent to the house of Jian family. Then Victor and Leon needed to return to Xiao family and make some preparations for the site layout and make some minor adjustment.

At first, Victor didn't want to see Sophia get married from Jian family. But considering the fierce rumor on the Internet, Sophia didn't think it was appropriate for her not to get married from Jian family.

On the other side, Victor and Sophia also sent the wedding invitation to James. However, the relationship be

hy she became much silent after the confrontation with Sophia.

Sophia ignored the flattery of Caspar, ignored what Stellar said, and ignored the surprising silence of Jenny beside her.

She only hoped to see Victor tomorrow morning.

Sophia took Rita back to her room and found out what Caspar was up to. The room was clean and new.

This room had never been so clean when Sophia lived in the house of Jian family.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Sophia looked at Rita.

"Come in." Rita said crossly.

When the door was opened, they saw that Stellar, who was smiling like a flower, came in with two bowls of porridge in her hands.

"You two can have a taste of the porridge I just cooked. You must be tired for a long time. Have a rest and have some porridge."

"Auntie, we are not tired. I think you misunderstood. Why does Sophia feel tired when she is going to get married? "

Stellar didn't know how to answer Rita's question.

Sophia didn't want to see Stellar's ugly face, so she just wanted to be quiet as soon as possible. She tried to mediate, "Just put them there, thank you."

Caspar had planned to let Stellar talk to Sophia as much as possible. Caspar wanted to let Sophia know how Jian family treated her and how much they valued Sophia.

When Sophia got out of the car, she found that the whole family and servants had come out to welcome her that she found their thoughts.

It was known that some people could change many things, and the most difficult thing to change was their nature.

Sophia's polite and distant answer embarrassed Stellar. Stellar didn't say anything and went out.

As the host of the wedding, Xiao family was also preparing nervously.

Because Victor wanted to follow Christopher's words. According to Christopher's investigation, the day would hold Victor's and Sophia's wedding was must be a lucky day. Every project, including the wedding ceremony, the lunch party and the dinner party, was accurate, so it was inevitable that time was very urgent.

Tomorrow morning, Sophia would marry into Xiao family. According to Sophia's thoughts, Jian family had deleted many regular activities, because Sophia didn't want to stay in Jian family's house any longer. Victor knew that.

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