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   Chapter 413 Precious

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"Why are you so kind-hearted? Caspar's family is such a vicious family. You are really pure out of mud."

Rita mocked Sophia as Rita put the mango into her mouth.

"In my opinion, you shouldn't have accepted Jenny's apology. Think about it. You are going to marry into Xiao family. You can say that as long as you want to have nothing to do with Jian family, you can get away with it."

"What's more, you have known that you are James's daughter. There is nothing to be so polite to the heartless people of Jian family. How could you forgive Jenny? I really don't know what to say to you. If I were you, I would hate to kill her..."

Speaking of the key point, Rita suddenly glanced at Sophia and held back those words.

Seeing Rita who was speaking halfway, Sophia couldn't help laughing.

"It's all right. I just want to stay at home quietly, not to hear what's going on outside the window, to wait for Victor at home, or to talk happily with you. Protect my child and myself. The less trouble the better. "

Sophia grabbed the fruit fork from Rita's hand and put the fruit in front of Rita's mouth. Although Rita didn't agree with that she let go of Jenny easily, Rita could not be angry with Sophia.

Leaning on Rita's shoulder, Sophia watched TV, talking and laughing.

Time passed quickly with Rita for Sophia.

"I'm getting married."

"I know."

"Rita, sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming, but when the wedding date is getting closer and closer, I feel that it's real gradually.

I really appreciate Xiao family's kindness to me. You know what? When I knew that Teresa was going to marry Victor, I really wanted to die.

You can't understand why your beloved one is going to marry another woman who is not your. You can think that they will go to work together in the future, have dinner together, have children, sit on the lounge chair and chat... I just can't stand it. I can't accept this fact.

I can't accept them, nor can I wish them happiness. I can't say that against my will. If Victor and Teresa were really married at that time, I would not bless them at all. I would not even say anything false. "

Leaning against Rita, Sophia suddenly thought of what had happened a long time ago.

Rita looked at the melancholy Sophia with disgust and said, "What happened to you? Or did Jenny make you suffer from schizophrenia? How could I not know you? I accompanied you when you went abroad. How could I not know what you were thinking?

Sophia. Do you think we can forget the unpleasant things in the past? Just live in the moment. It's so easy for you to forgive Jenny, but why can't you get over Teresa? "

Rita smoothed Sophia's hair near her ears. Although she looked at Sophia with disgusted, Rita didn't know how much she felt sorry for Sophia at that time and the fact that Sophia couldn't get through it now.

You should think that you are going to become Victor's wife. Don't think about the past anymore. We all know that Victor treats you well. Besides, I'm here. If he dares to do anything bad to you, I'll teach him a lesson. "

Rita's words amused Sophia.

"There are still two days

h Rita. He took Rita directly to the table.

Rita's face turned red in the face of Sophia and Victor and the occasional "tut tut" sound.

Leon put Rita on the chair, bent over and whispered in Rita's ear, "It turns out that you will blush too."

Victor couldn't stand the public display of affection between Rita and Leon on his own turf, so Victor coughed on purpose to stop Leon from flirting with Rita. They sat down and was about to get down to business.

"Tomorrow night we will send a special car to pick you two up to the photo studio for makeup. Of course, if you two want to take wedding photos in advance, we don't mind."

Looking at Rita's red face, Leon thought of a way to deal with Rita in the future.

"I'm afraid the time tomorrow will be very tight. You two don't have to prepare too much. Come with us. Our professional makeup artists are arranged in the photo studio. Your Groomsmen's clothes and bridesmaids' clothes are also prepared according to the style and size you choose.

I guess there are still a lot of messy things for you two to do, because at that time, I will definitely have a lot of things to deal with Sophia, including welcome the guests who are coming, so I have handed over a lot of things to you two.

But I'll leave these things to you two. I and Sophia will be more relieved."

Victor looked at Sophia and Sophia nodded lightly.

"Rita, please take good care of Sophia for me. I will definitely thank the guests and propose a toast to them. I'm afraid I can't help Sophia, so please take good care of her for me."

"Don't worry." Rita made a "okay" gesture to Victor.

"Leon, it seems that I can't wait for you to get married with Sophia. You two should accumulate more experience."

Victor teased Leon.

The four of them finished their dinner, talking and laughing.

There will always be a few people who can completely be trusted by you that you can give them the most important things and you will be rest assure.

For Sophia and Victor, these two people were Rita and Leon.

The friendship was as precious as love.

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