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   Chapter 412 Silence

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"So you just stay at home these days. Don't go anywhere! Don't you think that you have made enough troubles? "

"I..." Looking at the furious expression on Caspar's face, Jenny wanted to resist, but she didn't know what to do.

She looked at Peter who was sitting next to Caspar.

Peter looked at Caspar seriously. Hearing what Caspar said, Peter didn't stand out to defend or speak for Jenny.

Peter didn't say anything for the sake of his position in Jian family. Moreover, in the eyes of Peter, who knew nothing about this matter, it was because of the jealousy of Jenny that she didn't consider the consequences when she did something.

Peter was a man who attached great importance to interests. He just wanted to have a foothold in the company of Jian family and gave in to Jenny for several times.

Looking at Peter who had been so indifferent to her these days, Jenny couldn't help feeling angry and inexplicably miserable.

As Jenny really didn't want to stay here any longer, she replied casually to Caspar and went to the balcony.

She bent over the railing.

Caspar winked at Stellar and asked her to go with Jenny to see Jenny and strengthen the importance of this matter in Jenny's mind.

Seeing that Stellar had left, Peter raised his head and asked Caspar, "Dad, since Victor has agreed to continue the cooperation with our company, can we continue to deal with the business here?"

"Yes. It was easy for Sophia to talk to Victor. Now that he had promised Sophia, it meant that he would give the order soon. Just follow the project plan you started first. I can see that you are very serious about doing these things. I'm relieved. "

Caspar patted Peter on the shoulder to strengthen the authenticity of his words.

Peter smiled, "Thank you, father. I'm a member of Jian family. Of course I have to do this well. It's my duty. "

Caspar didn't seem to have noticed Peter's ambition. He just felt that the incident came suddenly. It was because of the help of Victor. Otherwise, he didn't know what to do.

Stellar came to the balcony quietly, stood beside Jenny and sighed.

When did her daughter suffer this kind of grievance? Thinking of what Caspar said to Jenny just now, Stellar couldn't accept his bad tone, but the spoiled girl, Jenny, remained silent.

Noticing that there was someone behind her, Jenny wiped her tears secretly.

"Mom? Why are you here? "

"I feel sorry for you. Please don't cry. My daughter's eyes are swollen..."

Stellar picked up a handkerchief and gently wiped the tears from the corner of Jenny's eyes. Then Stellar gently put Jenny's head on her shoulder.

The two remained silent. Stellar didn't start talking until she felt that Jenny's breathing gradually calmed down.

"Your father is right. We can't mess with Xiao family anymore. Just because of this matter, Victor has withdrawn all the cooperation projects of our company. I don't know what kind of trouble it will be if we continue to provoke them.

You should know that although you are jealous of Sophia, the love she gets is alre


Sophia took the cake, sat on the sofa and began to eat.

Rita, who was still at the door, couldn't help cursing, "You bastard! We hadn't seen each other for only a few days, but Victor spoiled you like this. I put off my work and came here to play with you! You just treat me like this. Do you have a conscience... "

Before Rita could finish her words, Sophia quickly answered, "No! Besides, as the godmother of my child, I have to tell you that the baby can understand everything now. Pay attention to fetal education and your image, okay? "

Rita thought what Sophia had said was right. On her way here, Rita was worried that Sophia would be depressed because what Jenny had done online. Only then did Rita realize that she had worried too much.

This kind of person who could only see tiramisu...

Rita walked to the fridge of the house of Sophia, took out the washed fruit platter and sat next to Sophia.

"What are you busy with recently?"

Sophia patted Rita's hand as Rita prepared to grab Sophia's tiramisu with the fruit platter in Rita's hand.

"I'm busy filming the cover of a magazine. I've been shooting for several days and changed several scenes. I'm so tired after going back and forth these days. "

Listening to Rita's complaint, Sophia handed the cake to Rita which Sophia wanted to eat.

Rita asked as she ate the cake which was difficult to get.

"Has Jenny come to see you recently?"

"Yes, she is here. Just this morning."

"I knew it! Why does not she come now? I must scold her to death! This woman can do anything to satisfy herself! "

"Okay, okay..." Hearing that, Rita, who had no image in front of her, touched her forehead. Sophia said, "Have you forgotten what I just told you?"

Looking at Sophia, Rita asked, "Then what did she say when she came?"

"What else can she say? Ask for my forgiveness, and then ask Victor to agree to continue the cooperation with the company of Jian family."

"Don't tell me that you have forgiven her and asked Victor to promise her?"


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