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   Chapter 411 Take The Responsibility

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10124

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"From now on, you can't meet Jenny so casually. Do you know that?

"I know. Don't worry. I don't want to go anywhere recently."

Victor thought about some comments on the Internet recently. He didn't rule out that some audacious people would follow Sophia or block at his door.

Victor immediately arranged for more monitors on the streets near his house to strengthen the monitoring.

Since Sophia had been pregnant for a long time and their wedding date was approaching, Victor couldn't help worrying about a lot of things.

"You have to be on guard against a lot of things, don't you know? Besides, why didn't I know that you met with Jenny that day? Why haven't you mentioned it to me? "

Victor was still worried that Sophia would be used for her kindness again.

"After breakfast with you that day, I was going upstairs to draw the design drawing. But I got a call from Jenny. She said she wanted to see me and thank me.

I was confused at that time. Why did she thank me? What did she want to thank me for? I didn't plan to go first. I've prepared a reason to refuse.

But she said she was in a tea restaurant around our home and asked me to go there. She said she wanted to thank me for marrying you and letting her get the chance to get the villa that Grandpa gave her and the opportunity to cooperate with the YS Group. "

"I thought she said it sincerely and called me sister. You know, I envied such an intimate relationship between sisters from the beginning. I didn't think it was a big deal to see her. "

Victor raised his head and looked at Sophia told the story unhurried. He was very angry, but it seemed that he couldn't be angry with her.

"So I told the maid and went out. When I got there, I saw that Jenny was waiting for me there. She also ordered some tea for me. As soon as I entered the restaurant, she tried to cotton up to me. She moved closer to me and sat next to me.

She looked very friendly, so I gradually let down my guard. But I have to say that Jenny was really good at camouflage. I still couldn't remember where she put the recorder. "

"Of course you couldn't see… At that time, all you were thinking about was that Jenny called her sister in a sweet tone. You could not have time to notice that... "

Victor touched his forehead.

"You are right..." Seeing the helpless look on Victor's face, Sophia felt amused.

"Jenny told me that she and Peter were not very close now. She saw that we were very close and wanted to learn from me. Then she asked me some sweet things between us and how I was with you.

You know, Rita always asks me to stop when I want to talk about this with her. It's not easy for me to meet a person who is willing to listen to me. Of course I feel very happy. I probably took her as Rita. I talked a lot with her as if I had completely let down my guard.

Now I remember what happened when she smiled by accident."

Victor looked at Sophia, as if Sophia finally understood something. He rubbed her hair and said dotingly, "It's… Y

s piece in his hand now.

"Didn't you leave early this morning? Why did you come back so late? "

Stellar looked at Jenny in confusion, "Did they make things difficult for you?"

But Jenny didn't want to tell them what terrible thing she had experienced this morning.

So she prevaricated, "When I came back, I wanted to go to see Teresa..."

"What! What do you want to do with her! Do you still want to make trouble for me? "

Jenny didn't realize that Caspar got so angry just because she said she was going to look for Teresa.

"What… What's wrong? "

Now Jenny was not as confident as she used to be.

"What's wrong? How dare you ask me what's wrong? "

Caspar shook off Stellar's hand, which was holding his hand that she wanted to motion him not to say anything more.

"Don't stop me. I have to make it clear to her today! Otherwise, our family will be destroyed by her sooner or later! "

Jenny just held her hands tightly and kept silent, as if she was living in her own world.

"You know that Teresa has always been an enemy of Sophia! You are going to find Teresa at this critical moment. Do you want to make it a big deal so that the news media can exaggerate it?

We are different from An family! They were powerful, connected and rich! The relationship between them and Xiao family would not be too stiff no matter how hard Teresa quarreled with them! How can our family compare with them?

We can't afford to offend Xiao family again. Do you know that? Their words can make our family lose everything overnight. If you continue to fool around with Teresa, don't let me lock the door and don't let you in!

Sophia is going to marry into Xiao family, which is what our family wants. At this critical moment, as her nominal sister, you have done such a thing which is beyond the comprehension of outsiders..."

But how could Jenny tell Caspar that she didn't do it?

No one noticed the grievance in Jenny's heart. She just silently endured the verbal attack from her father.

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