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   Chapter 407 Apology (Part Two)

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"I… How can I make her forgive me? Sophia must hate me very much now. How can she forgive me? "

"So, why did you mess with Sophia who was about to marry into Xiao family! You know how much Victor loves Sophia! Why do you still try every means to provoke Sophia like this?

I've finished my words. It's your own business whether you go or not. If you don't go, it will cause greater losses to the interests of Jian family, which means that Xiao family will also take more tough measures. I can't save you anyway. You have to think it over. "

Jenny knew that she had made a big mistake this time. If she didn't solve it, it would definitely bring more trouble to Jian family. Jenny persuaded herself in her heart. "Dad... I see. I'll go. "

"That's good. You can talk to your sister and make Sophia happy. She is soft and easy-going.

In this case, if Sophia tells Victor about it, maybe he will return the cooperation project to us. Even if Victor won't return them to us, we can try our best to avoid any more loss. "

Caspar said, but Jenny didn't want to listen any more.

"I'm going back. Don't worry. I'll go to find Sophia tomorrow morning. "

"Okay." Caspar replied casually and told Peter that he had to keep an eye on the company.

Looking at the worried look on Jenny's face, which was not as lively as usual, Stellar felt sorry for her, but Stellar could do nothing about it.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Jenny could only see the cold and emotionless face of Peter.

She turned around and looked at the cold air condensed on the window.

"Peter, are you mad at me?"


These one cold word made Sophia feel more and more guilty.

"I… I'll ask Sophia to forgive me tomorrow. If you don't forgive me, I won't go. Don't be m

! "

"Butler! Go and see if there is any woman called Jenny at the door. If there is, drive her away and tell her that our Sophia doesn't accept her apology! Tell her not to appear in front of us anymore! "

"Yes, sir!" The butler answered.

Although Sophia was a little nostalgic about the day when she got along with Jenny, it was suppressed by what had happened recently.

At the door, Jenny received the message and got flustered. What should she do? She had made up her mind how to apologize to CSophia, but now Sophia didn't want to see her and she had no chance to get forgiveness from Sophia. How should she explain to Caspar and Peter.

Just when Jenny was worrying, the door of the villa was opened. Jenny raised her head suddenly and smiled at the person, thinking that the person was Sophia.

However, Jenny didn't expect that it was the butler who asked her to leave with several servants. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been so polite.

Jenny looked at the open door and tried to break in.

But she was stopped by a servant. "What do you want?" The butler shouted.

"Let me in. Let me in to see my sister. I'll talk to her. She will forgive me."

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