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   Chapter 404 Cancel The Cooperation

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Caspar and Peter saw that Victor withdrew all cooperation with Jian family in a decisive manner, and saw that the amount of loss of Jian family continued to increase.

Both of them thought it was a big trouble and they couldn't be more anxious, but it was obvious that they had angered Victor. The two of them didn't know what to do.

After thinking for a while, they thought that it was only Sophia's matter could irritate Victor. Did Jenny do something again?

Thinking of this, the two of them called Jenny over, but they still kept a glimmer of hope, hoping that Jenny wouldn't really do it.

Feeling uneasy, Jenny pretended to be calm and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you calling me in such a hurry? "

Caspar asked straightforwardly, "Did you offend Victor?"

Jenny pretended to know nothing. "What? Victor? How could I offend Victor? Who is Victor! How could I offend him? "

Peter asked, "What about Sophia? You didn't do anything wrong to Sophia, did you? Sophia is the most important thing for Victor. "

Jenny's heart skipped a beat, but she couldn't tell them that it had something to do with her.

"Sophia? I... "

Being stared by Caspar and Peter seriously, Jenny felt thirsty and didn't know what to say.

'How about telling Teresa out?'

Jenny thought to herself.

Just then, Jenny's phone rang.

Taking a look at the phone, Jenny found it was from Teresa. She had a hunch that Teresa would not have any good things for her.

"I'm going out to answer a phone call," Said Jenny to Caspar and Peter, pretending to be fine.

As soon as she finished her words, she escaped from the terrible space and the eyes of Caspar and Peter.

After the call was connected, Jenny asked anxiously, "Hello? What should we do now, Teresa? "

Jenny was looking forward to Teresa telling her the way to solve the problem, but Teresa just sneered.

"What else can you do now? You have to admit your guilt!"

Hearing the answer of Teresa, Jenny was completely confused.

"What? I? Confess? What crime should I admit? You asked me to do this! You started it! You should be the one to confess, right? "

Jenny panicked. Teresa wanted her to take the blame alone!

On the other side of the phone, Teresa didn't feel worried at all in the face of Jenny's questioning. Nothing could drag Teresa down.

"Don't worry, Jenny. It was you who did it. It was you who trapped Sophia. It wasn't me, was it? You are so excited now. Do you have a guilty conscience? "

Teresa said sarcastically.

Hearing the indifferent voice of Teresa, Jenny felt that the situation was much more serious.

"You! Teresa, you asked me to do this! You! "

Jenny was so angry that she didn't know what to say. She wanted to scold Teresa, but she couldn't.

On the other side, listening to the angry voice of Jenny, Teresa's eyes were cold. She had never expected that

e were involved, the greater the risk I would expose myself!'

Teresa had planned for a long time in secret, hoping that she could succeed in interrupting Victor's marriage with Sophia. Teresa thought angrily.

Teresa didn't expect that she would end up with such a result. Fortunately, she recorded the voice at that time and had another way, so that she could let Jenny take the blame.

Otherwise, if she was betrayed, the consequences would be unimaginable. It would definitely not be as simple as losing her reputation.

Thinking of this, Teresa couldn't help feeling scared, but at the same time, she was not reconciled.

Victor and Sophia were still something she couldn't destroy.

Teresa clenched her fists. This failure was not a big deal. There would be more powerful ones in the future.

She had to make a good plan.

On the other side, after being scolded by Teresa, Jenny suddenly didn't know what to say to refute. She was frightened by Teresa.

That was why she didn't realize it until Teresa hung up the phone.

Jenny smiled bitterly. This time, she really fell into a big trouble.

Working with Teresa was like asking a tiger for its fur. This time, it was really a big lesson.

After calming herself down, Jenny pushed the door open and entered the room. She met Caspar and Peter again, who had been waiting for her for a long time.

Although Jenny had suffered a great loss, she could do nothing about Teresa. Her recording was in Teresa's hand. At that time, Teresa would release it after modified it later.

No one knew what kind of monster was waiting for Jenny.

It would be better to take the blame for Teresa secretly.

The two people inside fixed their eyes on Jenny when they saw Jenny come in.

"Why did it take so long?" Caspar asked anxiously and grumpily.

"I did it all. I will admit it. I won't get you into trouble." Jenny took a deep breath and said.

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