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   Chapter 403 Jenny Exposed

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10541

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Today's headline of the public opinion was really monopolized by Xiao family. "Rita is supporting Sophia," "The anonymous audio burst out", "I feel sorry for Victor..." Each of them had something to do with Victor and Sophia.

No wonder in order to protect Sophia's emotions and prevent Sophia from those public opinions and from seeing these messy news, Victor kept talking with Sophia on the phone.

Although Sophia knew that someone must have set her up, she thought for a long time and did not figure out who that person was. She didn't offend anyone. She thought for a long time and decided to let it go. Victor would definitely deal with it.

As long as Victor was there, she could always do whatever she wanted. He would give her all the happiness, and of course, he would solve all the problems for her.

That's exactly the best love. I love you and I can trust you unconditionally. For example, Sophia believed that Victor could solve this problem, and Victor believed in her love for him.

After a long call, the secretary came to inform Victor that would have an emergency meeting. Victor hung up the phone reluctantly. Before hanging up the phone, he specially reminded her to go to bed if she was sleepy and not to look at those messy things.

Happiness was written all over Sophia's face. "Don't worry. I'll be good." After saying that, she kissed Victor on the phone then Victor hung up.

The maid brought a cup of milk for Sophia. It was what Victor told her to do. The maid needed to make milk, wash fruits and cook tonics for Sophia every day.

As soon as Sophia took a sip of milk, her phone rang. She picked it up and said, "Honey, didn't you just hang up? You miss me again..."

Rita said, "My goodness!It's me! Sophia, you and Victor are so sweet! "

It was not until then that Sophia realized it was Rita. Sophia blushed with embarrassment and said, "Rita, what's wrong? Come and accompany me. I'm so bored at home."

Rita wanted to let Sophia listen to the audio on the Internet, but she was afraid that it would hurt the fetus if a pregnant woman listened these messy things at home alone. So she decided to find Sophia to accompany Sophia to figure out what had happened.

Rita joked, "I know. What do you want to eat, pregnant lady? I will buy them for you."

Rolling her eyes, Sophia said, "Well... Victor doesn't allow me to eat too much sweet food. Can you bring me a piece of cake secretly? "Then Sophia pretended to be aggrieved and complained to Rita that Victor didn't allow her to eat cold, spicy snacks, and most importantly, her favorite spicy stick!

Rita was overwhelmed by the sudden public display of affection. "Okay, okay. I know how pitiful you are. I'll bring it to you."

Sophia chuckled. She was in the love of Victor, Rita was protecting her, and her parents were reconciled with her. She was pregnant with Victor's baby. She was so happy that her life would be complete in this way.

Before Sophia could think all of those happy things, Rita rushed into the room and put a big piece of cake on the table. "Eat it quickly. It's just made. In order to let you eat it, I stepped on t

, it was Sophia's family.

Victor knew that Sophia was eager to get along well with Jian family, so he kept cooperating with Jian family to help Jian family to maximize the benefits. Victor didn't expect them to be so ungrateful.

In less than two hours, the companies called in one after another to terminate the contract with the JH Group of Jian family, and the company's stock fell directly. Caspar, who was still confused, was calling all the big companies to ask why.

Many small companies didn't dare to say that it was because of the order of Xiao family. They just hemmed and hawed, "Sorry, we have no choice.".

This made Caspar so anxious that he called all the management to have an emergency meeting and quickly found out the reason. Before everyone left the meeting room, Victor called.

"Father-in-law, how are you doing?" Victor asked in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Caspar didn't know it was Victor who did it. He was still asking for Victor's help. "Victor, help me find out why everyone is canceling the contract with us."

"Well, don't you know what you have done? Why are you looking for my help? "Caspar was frightened by Victor's usual coldness.

"Victor, what are you talking about? Do you want to marry Sophia? I'm Sophia's father! " Caspar, who didn't know the truth, was furious when he heard what Victor said.

"Father, you know you are Sophia's father. Go ask your dear daughter Jenny that what she had done!" Victor hung up the phone angrily.

Caspar seemed to have a hunch that Jenny had done something stupid, so he called Jenny.

Jenny didn't expect that she would get involved in the matter. After all, Teresa had told her that Teresa would take the blame for the accident.

As soon as Jenny entered the company, she felt that the atmosphere was not right. When she entered Caspar's office, she saw that Peter was there, and her father's face was horribly dark.

Jenny began to feel scared.

Peter and Caspar asked Jenny, "What was going on? Why Victor called me to ask you what you had done!" Jenny faltered and not dared to say anything.

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