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   Chapter 402 Teresa's Ace In The Hole

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10624

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As a famous star, Rita published the opinion on the Internet to support Sophia

"It's impossible for Sophia to do such a thing. Before figuring out the truth, any slander should be liable for legal responsibility. Please be kind... "

Soph-Ri studio spoke together, and the people who had cooperated with Soph-Ri in the circle also stepped forward to speak for Sophie.

As a result, the current situation was even more complicated.

Some people began to believe Sophia, and that Sophia had never done such a thing, and their words were not as fierce as before.

However, there were still some people who didn't believe in Sophia. Instead, they thought that these people were forced to make a statement because of some interests, or because they were threatened by the power behind Sophia.

In this way, it was a chaotic situation.

Some people were loyal to Rita and Sophia, they naturally supported them.

Some of them had changed their opinions about Sophia because of other people's words. They were still in a daze and didn't know who to believe.

The rest of them, of course, were the ones who insisted on that Sophia had done such thing and insulted Sophia wantonly at the beginning.

"I don't think Sophia is such a bad person... There are so many people speak for her. "

"Yes. I think so too..."

"Of course not. Sophia is our Rita's good friend. Birds of a feather flock together. She and Rita have been best friends for such a long time. There is no doubt of Sophia's moral quality! !"

"If Sophia didn't do it, wouldn't Sophia be pathetic to be scolded so miserably before?"

"Yes, it can be said that she is very pitiful..."

"I was... I have also scolded Sophia because of others' words... "

"What? Are you stupid? It's a fraud. You believe whatever they say? Sophia do such a scheming thing. It was not difficult to bribe several people to speak for her. Believe it or not! Sophia is a liar. "

"That's right. Finally, a sensible person stands out to speak."

"What? Really? I'm confused... "

"Alas, this circle is so chaotic. The water is too deep. Ordinary people like us can't get involved!"

"I'd better watch and see..."

Rita browsed the comments of these netizens on her laptop and felt a little happy. Although the situation was still not optimistic, it was not all people to abuse Sophia on the Internet.

This was a good omen.

Rita smiled.

As time went by, more and more people began to speak for Sophia. Some began to defend Sophia, and some began to suspect that this was a well-planned plot.

Although Sophia had seen through it and didn't care about it anymore.

But when she saw someone starting to defend herself, she also felt happy.

If an irrelevant person insulted her for no reason, she would be angry from the bottom of her heart.

But when irrelevant people defended her, there would also be a warm current in her hearts.

The current situation was undoubtedly a good one, which was pleasing to Victor and Sophia.

However, the initiator of all this, Teresa, was in a different mood at this moment.

Just like Rita, Teresa kept browsing the news, browsing the comments of the netizen

it's good to marry me."

The comments were so weird. There was something that you couldn't image but there was nothing you couldn't find out.

But there were also some people who believed Sophia. After all, Rita had a lot of fans. They firmly believed that Rita's best friend was framed.

Many fans tried their best to find out that who framed Sophia.

There were different opinions on the Internet nowadays. Everyone insisted on their freedom of speech, but they forgot that this freedom was also restricted by the law. They freely expressed their thoughts.

Victor, who was preparing for the wedding, was also disturbed by these things. When Victor saw the audio posted on the Internet, he was furious and wanted to find out the person behind it.

Victor knew that Sophia was not that kind of person. Even if she was, he would marry her because he loved her.

Victor's love for Sophia was deeply rooted in his bones. No matter what others said, he would only marry Sophia in his life.

Victor called Leon to his office. Seeing that it was his boss's call, Leon knew it must because of Sophia's matter. His boss must be very angry.

Leon thought to himself, 'I really don't know who dares to make a move to Sophia. With Victor's temper, if he knows who it is, he will make a scene and kill the person.'.

While Leon was still thinking, Victor suddenly shouted, "Leon, do you know who it is? Have you found out who it is?"

"HMM... I'm investigating... " Leon looked at his boss and said timidly.

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Find out who that person is! " The more Victor said, the angrier he became.

"Okay, I'll do it right away."

It was about to be the wedding day of Victor and Sophia. It was obvious that someone was putting obstacles in their way.

Victor's identity and status had a certain impact on the business circle. At this time, something happened, which was something that the companies that had been defeated by him were happy to see.

Although this matter was not enough to shake Victor's position, there were more negative comments on his reputation and social public opinion.

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