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   Chapter 401 Breaking News

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Sophia closed the laptop in front of him and sighed slightly.

After Victor left, she almost browsed all the news about herself, and the content was the same.

Sophia didn't know who wanted to set her up with such a trivial thing.

At the beginning, Sophia saw that those irrelevant people were also talking about her with self-righteous, or just because they were jealous then they cursed her.

When Sophia saw those posts, she couldn't help but used her ·other name and argue with them in person.

But later, Sophia found that it was herself that she didn't let herself go.

The strength of the netizens on the Internet was also very strong. Sophia was not as talkative as the keyboard men.

It made Sophia so angry that she couldn't control her anger and the impulse to slam the keyboard.

But at this time, if Victor was by her side, he would only take away the electronic equipment in her hand and comfort her with a smile.

Or he could just laugh at Sophia.

Even if Victor wasn't by her side, he would call her every few hours to ask her not to see the new on the Internet.

Sophia didn't think about it now.

It was the critical time for her to get engaged to Victor. It was really troublesome to make such a mess at this critical moment…

Sophia looked at the closed laptop and thought unconsciously.

Now she had almost seen through this kind of thing. It was just that someone wanted to take the opportunity to make trouble. It was not a problem to solve this kind of small thing with the help of Victor.

Sophia wondered at this critical time whether Victor's parents would...

Thinking of this, Sophia was a little worried. After all, they were Victor's parents.

Sophia shook her head in a hurry and threw these thoughts out of her mind. Victor didn't want her to think about these matter.

If Victor knew what she was thinking about these again, he might punish her.

Thinking of this, Sophia couldn't help smiling, and her eyes became gentle. The somewhat depressed mood just now was swept away.

Sophia stood up, poured herself a cup of honey water, and picked up a book she liked. Then she lay comfortably on the soft sofa.

The warm sunshine gently sprinkled on Sophia's body, warm and comfortable. Sophia plan to enjoy a rare vacation life.

Before long, Sophia phone rang.

Sophia couldn't bear to put down the book in her hand. Her eyes were still reading, and she just reached to the sound source by feeling.

Sophia glanced at the caller ID and decided not to answer it if it was not an important call.

After reading it, Sophia smiled, put down the book in her hand helplessly and lay back on the sofa.

She had to answer the phone.

It was Victor.

"Hello, what's wrong?" Sophia asked with a smile.

"What's wrong? I want to ask you what's wrong with you. Why did it take you so long to answer the phone? Didn't I forbid you to see those messy news? "

Victor asked a series of questions.

Because of work, he couldn't stay with Sophia at this time, nor could he watch her not to wa

hing to do with me. As for the rumor, if I ignore them, they will disappear naturally." Sophia said lightly.

"Humph, do you think it's so easy? They don't care how you clarify it or explain it. If you don't do anything, they will think that you are guilty and you acquiesce in it. I have been in this circle for so many years, how can I not know? Don't think too simply. "

Rita said in a serious tone, which was quite unusual just now. There was a hint of irony and disdain in Rita's words.

After all, Rita used to be the main character of these messy news, being scolded by people who had nothing to do with her.

Yes, those people sat in front of the computer only needed to knock on the keyboard and did not need to be responsible for anything. No matter what the truth was, as long as they were happy.

However, there were also some people behind the scenes who had planned this rumor, hired the people, and a group of blind followers. Some of them added fuel to the fire...

However, Victor was enough to deal with these complicated things. Victor just needed to try his best to maintain Sophia.

Sophia shouldn't have been insulted like this.

"Well, I don't care what you think. Anyway, I can't bear it." Rita sounded gentle and slow, but the seriousness and firmness in her eyes could not be ignored.

"What are you going to do, Rita?" Sophia shook her head helplessly. Sophia knew her best friend well.

"Don't you know what I'm going to do?" Rita asked back, as if Sophia knew the answer.

"Ha ha, okay, I see." Sophia couldn't help laughing.

"I just can't stand these people. Let's wait and see tomorrow and see what the trend of public opinion will be." Rita narrowed her eyes and said seriously and curiously.

The two hung up after talking for a while.

Sophia felt warm in her heart not only because of the sunshine, but also because of Victor and Rita.

On the second day, the headline of the news changed.

"Rita supported Sophia. Rita said it was impossible for Sophia to do such a thing."

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