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   Chapter 399 Recording

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"In fact, we have gone through a lot of difficulties. During that period of time, I really felt like I was the heroine of a TV series. Everything that happened every day made me feel inconceivable. "

Of course, Jenny knew what Sophia's words referred to. At that time, it was suddenly spread that Victor slept with Teresa, which caused Teresa to be pregnant. At last, Xiao family let Victor marry Teresa.

During that period, it was a storm in the city. The whole S City was saying that the most capable Victor of Xiao family was going to marry the daughter of the An Group, and Xiao family and An family were preparing for the wedding of Victor and Teresa.

When Sophia saw that the marriage between Victor and Teresa had been settled, Sophia was disheartened and proposed to go out for a walk. At last, Sophia went abroad with Rita for a period of time.

From this, Jenny knew how much Teresa hated Sophia. Teresa almost became the daughter-in-law of Xiao family. From then on, Teresa would make all the women in S City envy her.

"At that time, many people seemed to laugh at me on purpose. I had no choice but to find peace and go abroad for a period of time. When I was abroad, I thought a lot and wondered why I fell in love with Victor? A man who made all the women in S City crazy about him. "

Jenny sat up, because her sixth sense suddenly felt that the Sophia's following words would be very useful.

"I liked to sit by the window and lean my head against it. I wanted to ask myself what I liked about him."

"Do I like his money? As many people said, I got close to Victor step by step just because I valued money and interests? But when I thought that even if he had nothing, I might still like him and be infatuated with him. "

Jenny heard the most important thing in all Sophia's words! Jenny smiled knowingly, and the smile at the corners of her mouth was really irresistible.

Jenny had achieved his goal.

Looking at the smile on Jenny's face, Sophia was confused. Sophia simply thought that Jenny was happy to hear that she shared these things with Jenny, so Sophia also smiled back at Jenny.

"Sister, don't think too much. Now that my brother-in-law and you are about to get married, you should be happier every day. You will be his bride in a few days. Those who can't get something for the rest of their life can only look at you to be happy. "

What a scheming woman Jenny was! Sophia had seen all of these, but she couldn't resist the trap Jenny had set for her today.

In this way, Sophia faintly fell into the trap designed by Teresa and Jenny. Sophia was still immersed in the first happy conversation she had with Jenny today.

After chatting for a long time, it was getting late, so Jenny suggested that she should leave in a hurry.

Sophia didn't mind it at all. She said to Jenny in a good mood, "Well, you can leave now."

To Sophia's surprise, Jenny insisted on driving her home but Sophia refused for several times and she also said that her house was nearby. But Jenny still insisted on sending her back home.

Fearing that she would delay the emergency for Jenny, Sophia felt embarrassed to refuse again. Then Jenny walked out of the tea restau

sing personnel she had found earlier and planned to deal with this recording. Teresa could not help but feel happy.

"Come in." Victor heard the footsteps outside.

"Victor, this is the audio record that my friend recorded about that Charles asked my friend for commission."

Leon put the recorder pen on Victor's desk and sat on the leather chair opposite him.

Leon put his hand on the table, knocked on it and leaned against the leather chair.

"Do you think… What does Charles think? "

"Can you guess such a person's mind so easily?"


Leon looked at the arrogant Victor and rolled his eyes. He knew that Victor must have his own thoughts.

"You are the smartest! Tell me, I know you have an idea. "

Victor took a sip of the coffee on the table and said slowly, "It's very simple. For money."

Leon looked at the arrogant Victor. Although he thought what Victor said was right, Leon could think of it without thinking.

Victor was too perfunctory.

On second thought, Leon suddenly felt that Victor's words… 'What do you mean that I can't guess it so easily?'

Leon was about to fight back, but Victor said slowly, "I don't know why Zed is with Charles, but Charles is very unreliable."

"Why did a little star suddenly want to start a business? How did he find Zed? What's more surprising is that Charles just knew that Zed was in a low valley at that time.

So we can't underestimate Charles. He can easily know Zed's recent situation, which indicates that Charles is somewhat familiar with us."

Victor's words made Leon feel that Charles was a little scary.

"Rita also told me that Charles also wanted to rely on her. I remember that when Rita said that you were there too."

"Yes, I know."

"It's normal for a small star like to fawn on others, not to mention an outdated star like Charles."

"Haven't you always said that the operation of the JC Group is good? Its performance has also steadily improved? "

Leon was a little confused. With such a good prospect of the company, how could Charles do such a bad job behind Zed without seizing the opportunity to develop the company?

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