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   Chapter 396 Shady Business

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"Oh? What is it? " Leon became serious. Levi Zhao didn't talk nonsense and was a reliable man.

"I've been working with a small company recently. It's not a big deal, but this small company..." Levi Zhao was organizing his words.

"What's wrong with this small company? Are you interested in an ordinary small company? " Leon teased.

"Screw you! To be serious, this small company has just been established. It's opened by two people together. The person who wants to cooperate with me is called Charles..."

"Charles?" Leon interrupted Levi Zhao.

"Yes, you're right. Charles! He wants to get a big commission." Levi said carefully.

"Humph, he's always making trouble." Leon snorted with contempt.

"Well...I think I should tell you about his partner. " Said Levi Zhao.

"Yes, I know, Zed." Leon replied.

"Yes, he is your boss's cousin, isn't he?" Levi Zhao asked.

"Well, should you tell Mr. Victor about it?" Levi asked hesitantly.

"Well, I think so," Leon thought for a while and thought it was necessary, "You first stabilize them, and I will tell you after I tell Mr. Victor."

Leon hung up the phone after Levi Zhao said yes.

Leon put down the phone and rubbed between his eyebrows. He needed to organize his words. Although Leon was in a good mood recently, Leon still needed to report it to Victor carefully when it came to Zed.

After thinking it over, he didn't report to Victor immediately. He called other friends in his industry to investigate the recent actions of Charles.

In the cafe.

A man in a suit sat in the corner of the cafe. Although he sat in an unnoticeable position, he also had a dazzling feeling.

Because he didn't look stiff in this suit. Instead, he looked like a free and easy playboy.

Such a man sat in the coffee shop, seriously reading the documents in his hands, and occasionally frowned slightly. There was a faint sense of mystery.

When he raised his head, he saw that Leon had already come over. He stretched out his long arm and waved at Leon, who came straight to him.

"I'm sorry. I was stuck in a traffic jam. I'm late," Said Leon apologetically while shaking hands with him.

"No, I came here ahead of time," The man replied politely.

It was a kind of enjoyment to see two handsome people shake hands.

This man was Lanny Han, Leon's former partner. They once cooperated with each other, so they contacted more than other clients.

Lanny Han pushed the file in front of Leon, and Leon looked through it. It was an improper cooperation between Charles and some small companies.

Leon looked at the materials in disbelief and cursed, "How dare he fool Zed with these clumsy methods."

Realizing that he was too emotional, Leon coughed awkwardly.

Leon adjusted his tone and said to Lanny Han, "Please keep it a secret for now."

"You're welcome. I'm looking forward to our next cooperation," Said Lanny Han smilingly.

Leon ra

e it's true, but I won't to be with you.'

When Leon was practicing dancing with Victor, the secretary suddenly came in and they stopped instantly. The secretary looked at them with a snicker and were about to leave.

Victor stopped the secretary with a serious face, "Come in. We are just practicing dancing. Let's talk about our work.".

Leon thanked Victor's secretary in his heart for finishing the awkward dance. When the secretary left, she winked at Leon meaningfully.

Leon was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh, his innocent… How can I explain it to Rita when I go back.'

He looked at Victor and asked, "President, do you want to continue?"

Victor looked at Leon and said, "Forget it. You are too stupid. Let's talk about work."

Leon was delighted secretly and then returned to his serious state when he was working.

While watching the dance video, Victor said casually, "Zed… What does it have to do with me? You need to report it to me. "

With a serious look on his face, Leon said, "I've investigated the truth and I'm very angry with the result. So I think it's necessary to report it to you."

Victor sniffed, "Well then tell me about it."

"Recently, one of my friends in our circle told me that the partner who founded a company with Zed, Charles. He is talking business with my friend, Levi, but Charles wants to take a big commission secretly.

Levi knows the relationship between you and Zed, so he told me about it and wanted to see how you would make a decision."

"Levi..." While beating the table rhythmically with his hand, Victor was thinking about it thoughtfully, and muttered Levi from time to time.

"Tell me the background of your friend, Levi."

"Okay, Levi and I majored in the same major in college. We have been in touch since graduation. Then I joined your company. He ran a company himself for hard working for many years. "

Victor nodded his head and indicated Leon to continue.

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