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   Chapter 391 Profit (Part One)

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A smile appeared on Teresa's face. Her white hand, which was painted with red nail polish, was beating rhythmically on the table.

"Recorder pen."

Looking at Teresa, who seemed to be thinking about something, Jenny was smart enough not to reach for it.

"I need you to make Sophia say something for me."

"Making Sophia say something?"

Looking into Teresa's eyes, Jenny repeated the key point of this sentence.



"You are so smart. Aren't you able to come up with some ideas in a short time?"

There was a hint of provocation in Teresa's tone.

"Yes, but I'm communicating with you, Teresa. You're smarter and more thoughtful than me."

Of course, Jenny knew what Teresa meant. She deliberately tried to get close to Teresa, moved the chair and moved closer to Teresa.

"Well, you are such a sweet talker..."

Teresa and Jenny knew each other well, but the two didn't expose each other, because they didn't want to expose the relationship between the two people in advance.

"It's very simple. You can find the time when Sophia goes back home, or find an acceptable excuse to let her come out to meet you. Of course, you can't arouse her suspicion."

"I know."

"But, Teresa, you have to tell me what you want from Sophia so that I can know how to get something from her and lure her into the trap."

It suddenly occurred to Jenny what Stellar had said to her. As expected, she was able to know Sophia and others thoughts if she went out together with Teresa, and Jenny could also be mentally prepared.

Teresa thought for a while. Last time when they met, Teresa had already had a grudge against Jenny. Teresa thought that she could not completely believe all Jenny's words and was more wary of Jenny.

But Teresa

ely related interests, they were always fence sitters, falling on both sides.

No, some people even fell down many sides at the same time.

"What do you want?" Teresa asked coldly.

"Well, Teresa, don't you know that?"

Seeing that Jenny was about to say something, Teresa didn't say anything. Instead, Teresa wanted to see what Jenny wanted to do.

If it was in the past, Jenny would do whatever Teresa said without hesitation. Jenny would be so happy to run errands behind her. But now... How dare Jenny ask for benefits from her?

"Teresa, as you know, Sophia is going to be the daughter-in-law of Xiao family. What's more, she is pregnant with the flesh and blood of Xiao family. It's not good for me and Jian family to offend her. "

"I don't want to work in vain. I can't work hard for you at the risk of offending Sophia and even Xiao family..."

Teresa immediately understood what Jenny meant. It seemed that this kind of person could be only brought off by money.

Thinking that Jenny knew a lot about what she was going to do, Teresa made up her mind.

"Five million."

"I'll give you five million. Do what I told you and don't talk too much."

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