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   Chapter 390 Affection (Part Two)

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"I know you are coming, so Zelda specially prepared the soup for you. You will like it. Eat more later."

"Okay." Sophia looked at the woman who was about to become her mother-in-law with a smile.

He felt fine.

As soon as Sophia entered the room, she smelled the strong fragrance of the soup.


Sophia greeted Zelda politely and received a warm response from Zelda.

"Miss Sophia, you are here!" Zelda wiped the water from her hands and greeted Victor and Sophia.

"Mr. Victor."

"Yes, Zelda." Victor looked at Zelda with a smile, there were finally someone noticed him.

Victor walked into the living room, poured a cup of hot water and handed it to Sophia dotingly.

Seeing this, Grace smiled knowingly.

"What do you think? Are you satisfied with the wedding venue arranged by Christopher? "

Asked Grace, turning her head to look at Sophia.

"Yes, it's the same as I imagined."

"I've heard from the butler that Christopher has put a lot of effort into this arrangement. He is afraid that you don't like it."

Sophia was deeply touched by Grace's words.

"How's your sleep recently?"

Grace knew that Victor and Sophia had been busy choosing the gift and all the necessary things related to the wedding these days, so she was worried that Sophia would be tired and sleepless.

"My sleep is great. I will fall asleep as soon as I touch the bed." While tasting the carefully made soup that Zelda had served, Sophia answered the question of Consuela.

Thinking of the past few days, Sophia and Victor were indeed very tired, especially Victor, who had to choose a lot of things with her after work ev

your mother, I can't always help you in time. Look, now that Sophia married Victor, she is rich now. If you don't work hard, how can you get rid of the shadow of Sophia? "

"Okay, I know." Jenny nodded. "Then I'll go pack up my things and meet Teresa to see what she is going to do this time."

As usual, she arrived at the place ahead of schedule with Teresa, only to find that Teresa had already sat there waiting for her.

Although Jenny was not convinced by Teresa, she was always shocked by the strong aura of Teresa when she saw Teresa.

"Teresa, you come so early!"

"Well, take a seat. What would you like to drink? "

"Whatever. What's up? What do you want me to discuss with you? "

"Don't worry. Have Sophia come back to your house recently? "

On the way to see Teresa, Jenny had already guessed what Teresa would say to her.

"No, I heard from my father that Sophia is quite busy. She must be preparing for her wedding."

Teresa couldn't help but feel unfair. She clenched her fists, took out a recorder pen from her bag and handed it to Jenny.

"What's this?"

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