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"James, of course, wants Sophia to go back to Mu family. In this way, Sophia will get a lot of help. If she go back to Mu family and admit her ancestors, she will have the support of Mu family in the future. In this way, it won't be so easy for Sophia to be bullied by the people of Jian family."

"James also said that he would give our child the best treatment after it was born. Perhaps he wants to compensate for Sophia. I think we have the ability to give our child the best treatment."

"But, like James, I also want Sophia to think about it by herself."

Christopher listened carefully to Victor's narration and said, "Indeed, it depends on Sophia."

"Now that she doesn't want to stay in Jian family, she will have a position in our Xiao family. No one dares to oppose her. I like Sophia very much. "

"If Sophia go back to Mu family, it will indeed make Sophia's want to get rid of Jian family's thought stronger and make Sophia more confident. But I'm afraid that Sophia is too simple. If she is wronged, she will feel even worse in her heart...


"Grandpa, I will protect her well. You can rest assured. Take all I have to protect her and my child."

Christopher didn't say anything more and patted Victor on the shoulder.

It could be regarded as an approval and encouragement of Victor's words.

Sophia almost fell into the back garden.

It was romantic and solemn. The tall hall and magnificent gate, the semicircle arched door and the stone at the corner all looked dignified. Fresh and unadorned.

Through the arch, she saw all sorts of flowers.

They were in different colors, like a small sea of flowers. The fragrance of the flowers was also mixed in the air, but it was not annoying at all. Instead, it was somewhat refreshing.

Like an outdoor heaven, it isolated all the trivial and annoying things. Stay away from the world.

Sophia suddenly felt very happy. Accompanied by the servant, she walked slowly.

When Sophia returned to Xiao family in a good mood, she saw that Victor's parents had come and were about to go in and talk to them happily. After all, it had been a long time since Sophia saw Grace again, so she missed Grace very much.

But then Sophia saw Caspar and Stellar sitting on the sofa in the living room. Jenny and Peter stood on both sides.

Zed's parents also sat around.

This made Sophia sigh that the venue was grand, and it was coincidental that most of the people who appeared in it were not the people Sophia wanted to see.

Sophia couldn't help but wonder whether she should go in or not. If she went in, she would see her father, Caspar's snob face. If she didn't go in, it wouldn't be appropriate for her to stand outside the door.

She wanted to look for Victor, but she didn't see Victor inside.

Then, Sophia heard Teresa's annoying voice behind her. "Ouch, isn't this Miss Sophia? What are you doing here? Why don't you go in and have a seat? You don't dare to enter Xiao family? "

Sophia was taken aback by the appearance of Teresa behind her. After a quick thought, Sophia remembered that as the daughter-in-law of Xiao family, Teresa was supposed to come.

After all, Christopher cared so much about her marriage with Victor. To put

t now, I didn't pay any attention to him. We are in a very awkward period of time now. We can't cause any more trouble. I will keep all the words he has said to me in my mind, and then step on him double in the future. "

"So, can you be more patient? It's not that I want you to control your temper, but that you want to lose it when you're in the right time. Do you understand what I mean? "

Zed said as he stroked the red mark on Teresa's hand. He had used too much strength just now.

"Let's go inside. Don't let Christopher see us standing here."

Teresa suddenly felt that Zed's words made sense, so she nodded obediently.

'Then one day, Sophia, you will be trampled more heavily by me.'

Teresa clenched her fists.

Standing behind Caspar and Stellar, Jenny and Peter stared at Xiao family's house with their eyes wide open.

The living room with a tall window was elegant and comfortable. The porch and the living room stretched to the north and south. The living room and bedroom were equipped with low windows and hexagonal protruding windows. The north and south of the dining room were connected, and the outside world was in harmony.

This aroused the jealousy and admiration of Jenny and Peter.

Such a luxurious house made Peter moved.

Peter nudged Jenny with his elbow, but she ignored him, because she could even guess what Peter wanted to say.

Compared with Peter, Jenny was more envious. She couldn't understand why Sophia who was always bullied by her was able to be with Victor, who was in charge of everything in S City and was pregnant with his child.

Christopher's first great grandson.

Victor's parents had already heard about the company of Sophia's parents. It was just a small company, and even the YS Group disdained to acquire it, which made Victor's parents more arrogant.

Looking at Jenny and Peter who were walking around, Grace couldn't help but feel ridiculous, as if they had never seen the world.

However, the woman Sophia sitting next to Victor was graceful, with the wisdom and charm of a lady from an ancient family in every move, which was totally different from that of Jenny.

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