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   Chapter 374 Feeling Unfair

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"Well, I have to hang up now. I will call Christopher to confirm the time later."

Sophia didn't want to talk to Caspar anymore, so she hung up the phone in a hurry. On the other end of the phone, Sophia hung up before Caspar could say anything. He should have felt angry, but now he was happy, so he didn't care about Sophia's "impolite" and "disrespectful" behavior.

After hanging up the phone, Sophia threw the phone aside and didn't care about it anymore. Thinking of the conversation she had with Caspar, she felt as if she had been poured cold water on her heart. She did know that in Caspar's heart, she was just a pawn that could be used at will. When she could bring him benefits, he could smile almost to please her, but once she became a useless scrap, then his attitude would be cold and ruthless.

Although Sophia knew it all, when she really faced these, facing Caspar's emotionless care, she was inevitably very disappointed. As a woman, when she got married, she hoped more to receive a sincere blessing from her family.

"Forget it. I've already called him. Can I make time go back?" Then Sophia picked up her phone and was about to call Christopher to tell him about the meeting between the two families this weekend.

When Sophia made the call, Christopher's energetic voice came from the other end of the phone, "What's wrong, Sophia? Is there anything wrong? "

"Here is the thing. I called my father just now and told him about my relationship with Victor. I told him that we would meet each other on weekend, so I called to tell you." Sophia explained. Her low mood was inexplicably relieved when she heard Christopher's words with slight concern.

"Okay, I know." Christopher laughed and then asked with concern. He was relieved to hear that Sophia said that everything was fine. Before hanging up the phone, he joked, "Take good care of my grandson and her mother. Otherwise, if anything happens to either of the two people, I will get even with you!"

Sophia put the phone aside with a smile, and her mood became clear. The disappointment caused by Caspar also dissipated. She felt warm in her heart. In fact, all the members of Victor's family were really good, although sometimes they would look a little awkward.

On the other side, after learning the news that Sophia and Victor were going to get married, Caspar was in a good mood. When he returned to the banquet, he couldn't help but become arrogant. He would soon be the father-in-law of Victor. It would a great honor for him that he wanted to tell others!

As soon as the others saw that Caspar come back, his attitude changed. One or two of them couldn't help frowning, but it was a pity that Caspar pretended not to see it. He drank happily and greeted the others from time to time.

Humph, after they knew that he was the father-in-law of Vict

look down upon our family. Otherwise, Sophia might be bullied if they got married.

But to put it bluntly, the mother and daughter just wanted to join in the fun. They wanted to take the opportunity to ridicule Sophia and let her not daydream. Men could not be tied up after getting married, especially excellent men like Victor!

"Sophia really helped me a lot this time. With the support of Xiao family, everyone has to show respect to me in the future. If you go out and stand in front of those rich women, I'm afraid they will be jealous of you." Caspar didn't know what was on Stellar's mind, but he was still immersed in his own imagination.

"You are right. Sophia is really good at playing tricks. She even made a powerful man like Victor willing to marry her." Stellar said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. It didn't know how Stellar cursed Sophia in her heart.

"I thought Victor was just having fun with Sophia, but I didn't expect... I almost didn't believe it when Sophia called me! " Caspar's eyes narrowed into a seam of smile. "Anyway, now we finally have a connection with Xiao family, the powerful and rich family!"

"Okay." Stellar forced a smile and hated Sophia in her heart. What's so good about this girl? Why did Victor take a fancy to her?!

Her Jenny was much better than that Sophia!

"It's late now. Let's go to bed. Get up early tomorrow and ask someone to buy some decent clothes and accessories. At that time, we can't let Xiao family think that we are not good at anything." Caspar turned to Stellar and ordered.

The next night, when Victor came back, his expression seemed to be a little subtle. He looked Sophia thoughtful.

Sophia blinked her eyes and had no idea what had happened.

"What's wrong, Victor?" Seeing that Victor just looked at her without saying anything, she felt a little nervous. Was there anything wrong? It shouldn't be...

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