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   Chapter 372 Take It Away

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 10615

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Zed's mother was wearing a white cheongsam with fine tailoring, a pair of high-heeled sandals with gold edge, and a silver white bag today. She looked pure and elegant.

Her hair was rolled up high and fixed with an ancient hairpin made of unknown material, making her look indescribably noble and elegant.

On the other hand, Connie, Teresa's mother, had her black hair cascaded down like a waterfall. She was wearing a blue off the shoulder chiffon dress. Although she looked elegant, her deep and bottomless eyes revealed her unpredictable thoughts.

Miranda and Connie were talking about their own business and sighed that they hadn't seen their children for a long time. This meal was really precious.

"Mom! What are you talking about? Why are you so happy? " Teresa said in a sweet voice. Looking at Teresa who was in a good mood and Zed who came in with a slight smile, the two mothers turned around and looked at them happily.

"Come on! Come on! Miranda and I have been waiting for you for a long time!"

Connie first said how difficult it was to have such a meal and she turned to look at Miranda, as if asking for her opinion.

Miranda nodded slightly. From this little thing, she could roughly see the character of Connie, who wanted to do everything first.

Zed and Teresa took their seats obediently.

"To be honest, I haven't had dinner with mom for a long time. I'm so busy that I don't have time to go home. I go to work and go home every day. It's just a two point one line life. I didn't expect that I hated such a life before, and now I have become like this. " Teresa frowned and wanted to complain to her mother.

Connie looked at Teresa with a big smile and said, "It's the good time to be busy. At this age, you should be busy. If you don't work hard to earn money now, how can you raise your child well?"

"Am I right, Zed?" As Connie spoke, she suddenly turned to look at Zed.

Zed, who was drinking soup, almost lost his balance when he looked at Connie.


Zed said hurriedly, trying to hide his embarrassment.

However, Teresa stopped eating. Seeing Zed's behavior, she thought that Zed didn't want to have a child with her, so she was very angry.

Connie was not happy to see Zed's reaction. Connie wanted to remind Zed about it, but was interrupted by Miranda.

"They are not in a hurry. Zed has just set up a new company, and there are still a lot of things to do. Now we have to find a way to stabilize the interests of the company. This is something we have to consider in front of us. You know it yourself, Zed."

Zed nodded.

"You should know the real purpose of you leaving the YS Group. I think you know it better than me."

Connie didn't know what to say because of the powerful aura of Miranda.

Surprisingly, Teresa stopped making trouble.

"Then you should also understand that because you want to leave the YS Group, Xiao family, led by Christopher, as the excuse that you want to go out and hone your skills. So that they will not take any risks for you, and will not deal with any contract for you, including money."

"Since Christopher has made such an announcement to the public, we c

istopher cares about this matter."

With a bitter smile, Miranda said, "Teresa, what would happen if you and Zed get married at the same time with them?"

"Well, maybe they won't let you get married at the same time..."

Miranda answered. "I have no choice. People can't be compared with each other. And this is also what I have thought for so long. I agreed with Zed's father to let Zed leave the YS Group and start his own company."

"I was very happy when I knew that you were also helping Zed to build connections."

"You are a good girl. I have seen you grow up. Don't worry. Our Xiao family will never treat you unfairly, even if everything is unfair."

"Well, mom, I know. I will always advance and retreat with Zed. No matter what, I will not let go of Zed's hand. No matter how difficult the task is or how great the suffering is."

"Good girl." Hearing Teresa's answer, Miranda was relieved.

And what Miranda just said about that Christopher prepared the marriage for Victor and Sophia was deliberately told to Teresa and Connie.

Miranda knew that Teresa had a deep feeling for Victor, and that Teresa was extremely jealous of Sophia.

Miranda just wanted to test whether Teresa would lose control in the face of such a matter. She also wanted to know Teresa's choice between Zed and Victor.

Teresa stroked Connie's hand, implying her mother that she knew what she should do.

Connie replied with a smile to Miranda.

Clenching her fists in silence, Teresa was in a state of ignorance. The messy relationship between the characters in her mind made her feel uncomfortable.

But she had to pretend not to care about it to hide herself.

Teresa endured the pain and grievance that she had not endured since she was a child.

And all this was because of Sophia.

It was because of Sophia took away Victor, who Teresa was about to get, and that Sophia was pregnant with the flesh and blood of Xiao family, and Sophia was held like a flower by Christopher of Xiao family.

It was because of Sophia that Sophia took her place! Sophia took away everything that belonged to her!

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