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   Chapter 371 You Are So Kind (Part Two)

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How could she imagine the scheming and cold Victor learning how to hold a child in a more comfortable posture?

Anyway, Sophia felt very awkward...

In the afternoon, Victor really wanted to go with Sophia. Seeing that Victor was so stubborn, she had to take him with her.

However, Sophia was really happy in her heart.

As soon as they entered the classroom, the presence of Victor immediately attracted the attention of all the people in the classroom.

Sophia glanced at Victor beside her.

This guy wears so...

Formal, she didn't notice it at all just now.

Victor was dressed in a decent beige casual suit, looking long and elegant. The sun shone around him as if the sun was deeply attached to him. He had a well carved face, a straight face, a beautiful nose and a cherry colored lips, which was gentle and natural.

He seemed to be born noble and extraordinary.

Even Sophia couldn't take her eyes off Victor. He really deserved the title of the number one male god that all the women in S City fanatically worshiped.

And... Both men and women were bisexual.

Victor lowered his head and saw Sophia's expression. He smiled and rubbed Sophia's hair.

"Silly? Where are we sitting? "

Victor's small action made the mothers to be jealous. They whispered in the ground, "Wow Look, they are really a good match. Is this man Mr. Victor from the YS Group? "

"No way. He's married and his wife has children..."

"Oh, but they look like a perfect match."

"Hey, honey! Look at him! "

Listening to the discussions of the people around, Sophia didn't feel angry or unhappy. Instead, she felt that she was so lucky.

Fortunately, she met him.

Under the envious eyes of everyone, Sophia low

ust wanted to develop the company well.

Zed's incompetence was gradually exposed in dealing with these official affairs. Fortunately, with the help of Teresa, Zed began to slowly realize his own shortcomings and began to prepare to specialize in hard knowledge of these abilities.

However, what made Zed happy was that his outstanding ability had also become his highlight. In terms of contract negotiation, some people who signed contracts with him praised his ability to deal with things at random.

In the face of other people's praise, Zed got the recognition and support he hadn't got for a long time. Zed felt that it was a wise choice for him to completely leave the YS Group.

He felt that he could finally stop living under the light of Victor.

When Zed returned home and shared his joy with Teresa, he received a call from Miranda.

Miranda said that she was having dinner with Teresa's mother in the hotel. She wanted to invite Zed and Teresa to have dinner together. After all, they were both busy with their own things. It had been a long time since the two families had a good meal.

Zed agreed and took Teresa with him.

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